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Category: Darkwave / Dubstep
Album: Summoner
Stars: 2
Blurb: Pressing hip-hop beats with electronics and low dubstep beats while mixing in darkwave textures form this interesting but bland offering.


Summoner is the, albeit short, debut album of MOTHMAN, a musical project that combines elements of darkwave, industrial, hip-hop, and dubstep. Throughout the short five tracks, MOTHMAN makes its point to press a wide array of influences to create an interesting mesh of styles, a mesh that is very hit or miss in some cases. Summoner does feature well done sound quality and production, which is one of the project’s saving graces along with its infectious beats and fuzz heavy bass. Kicked off by “Madeit,” Summoner begins on a dark ambient, methodically paced note that could induce some light swaying motions, but is off put by the awful rap vocal sample played throughout. “Witch Shit” is almost a gangster rap song combined with tribal chants and offers much of the same as its predecessor, but with even more distorted rap vocals packed with more expletives than any rap battle. “htohT” features a more ambient textured sound with rising siren noises and more heavy bass than any speaker can handle, but also brings synths into the mix for some delightful results deeper into the track. “Drake’s Drum” puts the listener in the mode of a séance or a summoning of some kind of wicked creature and segues into fuzzy bass and ambient pads that flow seamlessly together. The title track and final track on Summoner is actually its best and has a dance rap combination of drums and electronics that transform into a tribal piece, one that evokes the sight of a campfire rain dance in an ancient setting. Diverse rhythms are MOTHMAN’s strong points but the drawn out tones and beats can become daunting and a bit boring if stretched for far too long. Unfortunately, though an interesting and well produced offering, Summoner ultimately fails to make its mark or leave a truly lasting impression.
Track list:

  1. Madeit
  2. Witch Shit
  3. htohT
  4. Drake’s Drum
  5. Summoner

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Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)

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