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Mortiis - The Great DeceiverMortiis
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: The Great Deceiver
Album: 4
Blurb: After a four-year-long hiatus, the goblin king of industrial/metal returns with an album that presents an audio/visual tour-de-force that may very well be the most fully realized presentation of Mortiis’ lurid creative vision.


The goblin king of industrial/metal has returned after a hiatus of several years, introducing to audiences the new Era 0 period. Once again donning the visage of a monstrous creature, Håvard Ellefsen – a.k.a. Mortiis – and his cohorts continue on the path of guitar-laden electro-tinged mania that has defined the band since 2005’s The Grudge and 2010’s Perfectly Defect, but this time with a tighter, bleaker audio/visual focus that makes The Great Deceiver one of the band’s most aggressively satisfying outings.

The band wastes no time in delivering a gut-punching opener with “The Great Leap,” Ellefsen shouting wildly amid thunderous rhythms and grating riffs, inspiring a sense of unease and urgency that pervades throughout The Great Deceiver. The introductory singles of “Doppelganger” and “The Shining Lamp of God” with their raucous beats and impassions howls amid starkly mechanical atmospheres set the harshly textured tone for the album, while the pulsating synths and breakneck rhythms of “Scalding the Burnt,” “Feed the Greed,” and “The Ugly Truth” kick things into high gear with the kind of blistering vitriol of a nightmarish chase. And yet, The Great Deceiver also presents some of Mortiis’ most diverse pieces with “Demons are Back” living up to its title as a strutting anthem that makes for a gloriously gory bit of swaggering cock rock, while the hollow piano and buzzing synths and guitars of “Bleed Like You” amid a slow, steely rhythm creates a lushly decrepit ambience that excellently gives rise to Ellefsen’s fervent wails. There is a bluesy quality inherent in the acoustic thrums and handclaps of “Hard to Believe,” while “Sins of Mine” is almost anomalous in its processional tone as layers of pads and sustained guitars evoke an angelic choir, a synth melody that warbles off pitch as Ellefsen’s major-key melody belies the song’s grim subject matter.

Although the famous goblin mask that many still associate with Mortiis has come and gone over the years, The Great Deceiver proves no less theatrical in its presentation, the bleak visuals of the album artwork combined with the music videos – part of a series directed by Norwegian Grindhouse auteur Reinert Kiil – playing well with the grimy and gritty seethe and scathe of the music. Put simply, The Great Deceiver is perhaps the finest and most fully realized package of Mortiis’ lurid creative vision; well worth the four-year-long hiatus audiences endured, and signaling that Mortiis Era 0 is the band at the absolute top of its game.
Track list:

  1. The Great Leap
  2. The Ugly Truth
  3. Doppelganger
  4. Demons Are Back
  5. Hard to Believe
  6. Road to Ruin
  7. Bleed Like You
  8. Scalding the Burnt
  9. The Shining Lamp of God
  10. Sins of Mine
  11. Feed the Greed
  12. Too Little Too Late

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