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More Machine Than Man - Dark MatterMore Machine Than Man
Category: Industrial / Techno
Album: Dark Matter
Stars: 4
Blurb: Eight years hasn’t hindered the erotic industrial assault of More Machine Than Man as the band’s latest album is here to fulfill all sensory desires.


It has been eight years since the multimedia sensation of More Machine Than Man has released an album, and if ever there was a time for the group to return, now would be the time. With the release of Dark Matter, Tech and Tasha deliver a one-two punch of electro/industrial anthems celebrating the fine line between sensitive human emotions and outright aggressive energy with no small amount of sardonic wit. It’s everything one would expect from MMTM – a blazing mix of industrial, techno, with pop-worthy melodies displaying enough sexual vigor to sate the most insatiable desires.

“Inside” starts Dark Matter in fine form with a steady rhythm of pounding electro beats and grinding guitars underscored by slinky, playful synths that exude a classic industrial rock feel reminiscent of KMFDM in the ‘90s, aided by Tasha’s sweet yet sultry voice. The same can be said for a song like the strutting “Last Try” and more so “Stitch” with its brass section accompaniment and bluesy groove, or “Stranger than Fiction” as a bouncy beat with a gritty synth bass line and subtle chug of rhythmic guitars drive an atmosphere of hip-swiveling sensuality. “Something Good” launches the listener into high gear with rapid fire industrial/techno, but it is on tracks like “Heaven and Hell,” “Nothing More,” and “Break Out” when Tech lends his equally enticing though no less masculine voice for a lush melodic interplay that adds as much dark mystery and ambience to the tracks as the scathing electronics. This is especially so on closing track “The Darkest Days,” a slow tempo of electrified beats and ambient synths steadily building in intensity as the guitars add a fair helping of punch without ever overtaking the mix and allowing the strength of the vocal melodies to drive the song. For good measure, a remastered version of the band’s dance floor hit “Why?” is included, bridging the eight-year-long gap between Dark Matter and the band’s past; perhaps a gratuitous addition, though not an unwelcome one.

With appearances by En Esch and Romell Regulacion, comparisons to Slick Idiot or Razed in Black are certainly inescapable; the juxtaposition of industrialized techno with sexualized lyrical ambience is reminiscent of those groups while MMTM has in the past been referred to by some as what KMFDM should’ve evolved into. Nevertheless, More Machine Than Man possesses a sound all its own, drawing on the influence of a bygone era to drive a singularly sensual vision polished by modern production. It has been a long eight years, but MMTM is back to fulfill all of your desires; Dark Matter is an album to bring out the pleasure and the pain of carnal desire and exploration, a luscious soundtrack to erotic sensory experience.
Track list:

  1. Inside
  2. Break Out
  3. Stitch
  4. Deserve
  5. Rotten Wine
  6. Why? (Re-Mastered)
  7. Stranger than Fiction
  8. Nothing More
  9. Something Good
  10. Heaven and Hell
  11. Last Try
  12. The Darkest Days

More Machine Than Man Website http://www.mmtm.net
More Machine Than Man Facebook https://www.facebook.com/moremachinethanman
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