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Mordacious/I Love Club Sluts - Dead Inside/I Love Club SlutsMordacious/I Love Club Sluts
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: Dead Inside/I Love Club Sluts
Stars: 3
Blurb: Smashing club drums, movie samples, harsh vocals with depraved lyrics, and synths that never stop pack this double-disc EBM project to the brim with personality.


Mordacious is nowhere near new to the EBM/electro scene, operating since 2005 and slowly attempting to dominate clubs everywhere with his harsh sound. His latest release is a double-disc set with I Love Club Sluts, a partnering with Vektor Valkyrie, entitled Dead Inside/I Love Club Sluts. One disc is the Mordacious album Dead Inside with the second being the self-titled debut of I Love Club Sluts. Both projects offer something a little different while still having similar instrumentation, Dead Inside featuring the traditional Mordacious sound with harsh and effected vocals whereas I Love Club Sluts features more of a fun, carefree, and sexual innuendo filled trip through some of the filthy thoughts of both musicians.

Dead Inside kicks off with the stomping “Child of the Razor,” a song that sounds standard for the style that Mordacious is known for but kicks off the album well with its effected vocals and catchy synths. This pretty much sets the precedent for the first half of Dead Inside, with tracks such as “I Was a Prisoner,” “This Injustice,” and “Frightened” offering roughly the same sound and style. However, standout track “One Regret” alters the style of the album greatly and slows down the tempo to a steadier pace and the vocals take on a growl like groan rather than the watery effect of the other tracks. It’s a nice change and stops the album from becoming monotonous. “Self Mutilation” picks the pace back up but keeps the vocals going without the effects, which is another nice alteration and will surely keep the listener from getting bored.

While I Love Club Sluts largely continues the style of Mordacious, it has a much more overt sexual tone and is obviously meant to be a fun project. “I Love Club Sluts” kicks the album off with a steady drumbeat and a robotic voice partnered with synths telling us all just how much these guys love club sluts and directly segues into “Cock Block This,” a track with hilarious lyrics about having sex with someone else’s girl. This is continued throughout the album on tracks like “Don’t be Shy,” “Blood & Sex,” “I Fucked Your Mom,” and “Fuck Machine,” all of which feature similarly humorous lyrics. “The Chosen Few” breaks from the innuendo and moves to a darker tone, sounding almost as if it belongs more on Mordacious’ side of the set than it does here. The same can be said for other tracks like “Words Are Destruction” and “Plague of Death.”

Mordacious and I Love Club Sluts will certainly hit fans of the style and keep them dancing and singing along to the depraved lyrics, as well with the infectious synths and drums combining with the wild bass lines and vocals. While neither Dead Inside nor I Love Club Sluts is insanely different from what you may have heard before, that’s no reason not to check out either as the EBM/electro presented by both is sure to entertain.
Track list:
Disc 1: Mordacious – Dead Inside

  1. Child of the Razor
  2. I Was a Prisoner
  3. This Injustice
  4. Frightened
  5. One Regret
  6. Self-Mutilation
  7. Black Widows
  8. Dead Inside
  9. Deprived
  10. Get Over It
  11. Forgiveness
  12. How She Died
  13. All Over Your Face
  14. Silence

Disc 2: I Love Club Sluts – I Love Club Sluts

  1. I Love Club Sluts
  2. Cock Block This
  3. Don’t be Shy
  4. The Chosen Few
  5. Death Corps
  6. Just a Bitch
  7. Blood & Sex
  8. Dead Girls Don’t say No
  9. Beaten & Abused
  10. Possession
  11. Words Are Destruction
  12. I Fucked Your Mom
  13. Rape of a Nation
  14. Plague of Death
  15. Fuck Machine

Mordacious Website http://www.mordacious.com
Mordacious Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mordaciousmortem
I Love Club Sluts Website http://www.iloveclubsluts.com
I Love Club Sluts Facebook http://www.facebook.com/iloveclubsluts
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