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Moodorgan - PRV2: Process Remixes, Volume 2
Category: Goth / Synthpop / Futurepop
Album: PRV2: Process Remixes, Volume 2
Stars: 3
Blurb: California based electronic project Moodorgan delivers a collection of remixes rich in glossy futurepop production, gothic attitudes, and trancelike atmospheres.


Peter, the primary member of Moodorgan, began his dark electronic project in Boston, Massachusetts, eventually relocating to Los Angeles to solidify his current incarnation of the band. Developing a sound that is characterized as darkwave, it is more accurate to say that it is gothic-influenced synthpop and futurepop, especially on this remix release. The album draws tracks from the full-length release Nexus, as well as the Process EP, while also including some unreleased tracks as well. Opening the disc is a remix done by Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 of the track “Treasure,” a mix that is heavily pushed in a commercial pop direction while maintaining a sleek and very simplistic structure to the song. The 9.9.9 mix of “Remember the Truth” is the next track, injecting an EBM flavor to the mix that processes well as a great dance track to melt easily in to a DJ’s higher BPM set list. The following mix of “Velveteen” is referenced as the Bone China mix and offers a very ambient, almost new age version of the track, dosing it with light operatic vocals, world music soundscapes, as well as a plodding, groove-oriented rhythm. Here is where Peter’s vocals shine, showcasing his velvety voice that teases with its gothic delivery and minimal synthetic processing, giving it just enough of a shimmer among the darkly enrapturing groove. Two mixes of “Darkness” follow, the first being a Silent Tears mix that gives the song an old-school ‘80s feel with epic synth lines floating delicately behind the synthetic rhythms. The Predator at the Gate mix tightens up the fluid sound of the previous version and places higher emphasis on the vocals and playful keyboard chorus. The placement of space between the notes and filling them with more percussive beat structures changes the song quite a bit, but it still sounds like a song that would have had greater success had it been released 25 years earlier. “Innocence” gets another 9.9.9 treatment, a track that is slower in pace than the rest of the disc, but has a mechanical, almost trancelike drive to it, giving it an enveloping sense of urgency, desire, and darkness. The disc ends with two unreleased tracks from two Moodorgan related projects, the first being “Martin,” a song that features Rikk Agnew of Christian Death. This track is actually far less of a gothic track as it employs a dark industrial slant and little bit of a guitar rock feel to it. The final track is the Discipline mix of “You Can’t _ More Than I Can _” by Black.Empathy.Box, a song that is a bit more experimental in nature with its edgy industrial dance feeling and overall repetitive structure. It clearly separates itself from the overall Moodorgan sound and actually provides as the most exciting and club-oriented cut on the disc. Moodorgan certainly has more than a few tricks up its sleeve and have made quite a name for itself in the live club circuit scene in Los Angeles with an expanded live lineup and a full-on multimedia experience. Unfortunately, the tracks on this disc do very little to capture that element and despite a few fleeting moments of dance floor excitement, the overall feel of the disc falls a little flat. Perhaps this is pivotal time for Peter to shed the studio feel of his music and explore capturing the live sound a little more on his upcoming releases.
Track list:

  1. Treasure (Assemblage 23 Mix)
  2. Remember the Truth (9.9.9 Mix)
  3. Velveteen (Bone China Mix)
  4. Darkness (Silent Tears Mix)
  5. Darkness (Predator at the Gate Mix)
  6. Innocence (9.9.9 Mix)
  7. Catalog: Martin (Moodorgan Mix)
  8. Black.Empathy.Box: You Can’t _ More Than I Can _ (Discipline Mix)

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