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Monte Pittman - The Power of ThreeMonte Pittman
Category: Metal / Alternative
Album: The Power of Three
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Heavy in volume and heavy in substance, this third album from one of modern music’s most versatile entities is simply one of the year’s most accomplished albums in any genre.


You may not yet know his name, but chances are if you’re a fan of industrial/metal or pop, you’ve heard his music. Monte Pittman has demonstrated his versatility having played bass and guitar in Prong on such albums as Scorpio Rising and Power of the Damager, as well as writing and performing with Madonna for over a decade. Add the likes of Melanie C, Adam Lambert, and live performances with members of Spinal Tap and Metallica, and one can see that the man has amassed quite a reputation as a consummate professional. With his third solo outing, The Power of Three, Pittman pulls all the stops to unleash a vicious onslaught of sludgy, guttural, in-your-face rock & roll power.

After his first solo outing, 2009’s The Deepest Dark, was an acoustic record, the intro to “A Dark Horse” is almost a fake-out before it explodes into a boisterous display of pummeling riffs and raging percussion. Pittman’s voice soars clean and melodic, harmonizing flawlessly with the music and never going so over-the-top to descend into the usual heavy metal histrionics. Throughout The Power of Three, Pittman showcases a tasteful meshing of his various abilities, from the menacing buildup leading to a catchy and almost poppy chorus on “Everything’s Undone” to the groovy and bluesy “On My Mind,” to the lush orchestrations of layers of guitar and vocals complementing the machine gun percussion and riffs on “Before the Mourning Son.” “End of the World” is a notable track for its juxtaposition of darkly emotional melody and unrelenting aggression, Pittman’s vocals being an especial highlight of the song and the album as a whole. But don’t think the man’s not above the occasional showoff, as the solos to songs like “Delusions of Grandeur” and “Away from Here” stand up as appropriately frilly and revel in their own bravado.

Backed by band mates Kane Ritchotte and Max Whipple, with guest appearances on the epic metal symphony of “All is Fair in Love and War” by Testatment’s Alex Skolnick and Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes, and produced by the legendary Flemming Rasmussen, The Power of Three is easily one of the year’s most accomplished albums in any genre from a stellar musician. Even fans of Pittman’s less venomous efforts will find much to behold on The Power of Three as his skills as a songwriter and arranger shine through the noise and the distortion. Heavy in volume and heavy in substance… what more could anyone want?
Track list:

  1. A Dark Horse
  2. Delusions of Grandeur
  3. Everything’s Undone
  4. Blood Hungry Thirst
  5. On My Mind
  6. Away from Here
  7. Before the Mourning Son
  8. End of the World
  9. Missing
  10. All is Fair in Love and War

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