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Mobthrow - Pitch Black EPMobthrow
Category: Electronica / Hardcore
Album: Pitch Black EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: A mixture of dark ambience, electronica, and a little dubstep compose this well textured but bland offering.


Greek music producer Mobthrow releases his eighth disc, the short and to the point, well textured, but bland Pitch Black EP. The EP is comprised of four tracks, three originals and one remix, and though the tracks show great structure and the ambience is haunting and dark, they offer little aside from these qualities. This is especially due to their play times, which seem a little more drawn out than perhaps they should be. The tracks on Pitch Black would be right at home in any suspense thriller but as a collection of songs itself, you may find yourself playing one track and skipping the others for something a little more exciting.

The EP begins with “Pitch Black,” a track that silently stomps along at a brooding pace and sets an eerie, uneasy mood, almost appearing to walk the listener through darkness itself. However, while the track is well made, it is also very bland and throughout its near six minute playtime offers little reason to stay and listen for such a long period. “Flashback” suffers the same fate as its predecessor as it features great mood and texturing but falters because it attempts to achieve something in six minutes that may have been better at three. The Hecq remix of “Pitch Black” actually bulls through the monotony by adding some gothic touches to the track and even some classical background music sounds during the intro; it also adds more dubstep into the mix with heavy drop bass. The final track, “Enter Dubcore” also offers a change in tempo and mood and seems to combine dubstep with drum & bass to good affect.

Mobthrow is great at putting ambience together, seemingly creating an environment; however, the creation of these environments comes at a price of monotony. While the Pitch Black EP is a fine listen for fans of the genre and the band itself, it may not reach much farther due to its small scope. The tracks are haunting and nicely done but ultimately uninspiring, which hurts the overall enjoyment of the listen.
Track list:

  1. Pitch Black
  2. Flashback
  3. Pitch Black (Hecq Remix)
  4. Enter Dubcore

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