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MiXE1 - Re:Breathe | Re:SparkMiXE1
Category: Electronic
Album: Re:Breathe | Re:Spark
Stars: 3
Blurb: Bringing some much needed force and fire to MiXE1 is this remix compilation that offers a lot of variety and takes the tracks to many new places.


Electronic pop/alternative group MiXE1 brought listeners into a futuristic world with prior releases, but with Re:Breathe | Re:Spark, the act has gathered some friends to take you there in a different way. Re:Breathe | Re:Spark is a remix compilation featuring various groups and people throughout the electronic music world to reinterpret MiXE1’s complex but rather pop palette of musical output. With a diverse set of guests, this compilation takes on the same electronic composition already found in MiXE1’s work; however, many tracks have a much darker and more melancholy tone than normal, which actually fits the somber, pop vocals very well. Haru Yasumi’s Kokyuu remix of “Breathe” begins the album on a slightly creepy note with electronics pelting the background and accompanied by a deep breath like noise as the track builds itself from start to finish, later being finished off with some dance ready drums. MiXE1 gets an industrial injection with Cease2Xist’s remix of “Spark in the Air,” where the track is given a heavy dose of powerful drums and heavy aggressive electronics that surround the vocals well upgrading the entire song overall. Breakbeats take over Muta-scuM’s Digital Creationist remix of the song and gives the track a hard stomping quality to its drums and backing electronics that sound like the crashing of a thousand cars. FileTransferProtocol’s Smothered remix of “Breathe” offers a complete change of pace as the electronics are mostly scrapped in favor of electric guitar and live drums making the track into an alternative rock ballad with a little gritty electric bass in the background. Machine Rox’s Pop remix of the song offers the electronic dance flavor that most fans are going to be looking for, but with a dark edge and quality to the synths and pads that give an overall epic feel to them. The vocals fit but not as well as on some of the other remixes. Aggrotech is mashed into the Asphyxiation remix of “Breathe” by System:FX, but backed by catchy synths that are sure to catch you off guard, but then enthrall you as they match well together and are later joined by some heavy guitar riffs. MiXE1’s remix compilation comes together well with a wealth of guests who transfer some much needed aggression and fire to the two songs. With each track offering something a little different from breakbeats, aggressive electronics, dubstep, and even down to guitar and drums, Re:Breathe | Re:Spark may fare better than even the standard MiXE1 release.
Track list:

  1. Breathe (Kokyuu Remix)
  2. Spark in the Air (Cease2Xist Remix)
  3. Breathe (Psy’Aviah Remix)
  4. Spark in the Air (Digital Creationist Remix)
  5. Breathe (Smothered Remix)
  6. Spark in the Air (Waste of a Spark Remix)
  7. Breathe (Pop Remix)
  8. Spark in the Air (Flesh Eating Foundation Remix)
  9. Breathe (Asphyxiation Remix)
  10. Spark in the Air (One Dollar Christ Remix)

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