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MiXE1 - Module 02MiXE1
Category: Electronic
Album: Module 02
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: On some fronts, far too poppy, and on others, dark and fast paced, meaning some will become enthralled while others will pass altogether.


MiXE1, which is pronounced Mikes 1, was founded by songwriter Mike Evans who began it as a solo project but soon revamped the project to a full band. MiXE1’s music is packed with heavy synth backdrops and poppy, serenading vocals that are either going to scare you away or suck you in, depending on your taste. With Module 02, MiXE1 crafts a short but effective project that introduces fans to the sound and gives just enough to leave them wanting more at just five tracks. “This Is Not Goodbye” kicks off with heavy electronics building to a high energy conclusion with rapid drums and bass, going along with its syrupy sweet, soft vocals and catchy chorus that is backed by a little screaming. “Your Heart’s the Beat” continues the same feel and energy, keeping the synths fast paced and catchy. Though not extremely different from its predecessor, it still keeps Module 02 on the right track. “Do You Know” brings to the forefront one of the problems MiXE1 faces and that is the seemingly mismatched vocals and lyrics with the instrumentation as the song features the same fast paced electronics, but the overly romanticized lyrics and vocals almost seem as if they would fit better on more contemporary pop compositions. “Never Been Gone” is the track with the best fit for vocals, lyrics, and electronics, as the slow ballad approach with the light clicks and deep bass backed by ethereal pads plays very well together and makes for an enjoyable listen. The slower, heavily pad laced piano version of “This Is Not Goodbye” slowly stalks across the ears as the vocals almost attempt to seduce the listener, the piano combining with the pads to make a somber ending for Module 02. MiXE1 creates an interesting mix of pop vocals and lyrics combined with somewhat dark, heavy electronic beats and at times the two don’t fit very well together. If you can look past this error, you’ll enjoy Module 02; however, others looking for a little more fire will look past this one.
Track list:

  1. This Is Not Goodbye
  2. Your Heart’s the Beat
  3. Do You Know
  4. Never Been Gone
  5. This Is Not Goodbye (Piano Version)

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