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Mitch Burger
Category: Electro-Pop / Post-Punk
Album: Reactive
Stars: 1
Blurb: Mitch Burger’s Reactive is a painful aural experience.


As we push further into the 21st century and our technology continues to advance, we’ve begun to explore ever greater forms of expression and autonomy. One of the mixed bags of this new wave is the ease and affordability that has allowed many different people from all over the world a chance to create and record their own music and films. However, for every great unknown artist out there who finally has a chance to put forth his or her vision to the world, you have an endless parade of mediocrity that simply serves to congest an already overwhelmed multimedia environment.

Mitch Burger and his debut record, Reactive, fall squarely into the last category. There are a number of elements that are askew on this record, but the terrible lyrics and tone-deaf singing probably take the cake. In “Lies, Fear, Hypocrisy,” Burger bellows and howls about all of the injustices of life in this age, and he does it with all of the finesse of an elephant in a house made of glass. His range consists of three dimensions of bad – quivering, pseudo-punk yammering, scratchy, high-pitched squealing, and simple talking. His lack of vocal control and intonation is so pronounced and so loud above the rest of the mix that it essentially drowns out nearly everything else. The chorus to “Utter Hopelessness” could have been taken right from the scene in Boogie Nights where Dirk Diggler tries desperately to make rock and roll magic in a recording studio.

The lyrics that Burger employs are generally sophomoric, sometimes even grating, but also occasionally show promise. Varying from political to deeply personal, it’s clear that Burger is making a spirited attempt at writing songs with depth and dimension, but he needs practice. Musically, Reactive is largely under produced and could have used a cleaner mix. While some of the samples Burger uses are quite nice, many of the actual instruments sound like ‘90s Casio keyboard presets. The worst example of this is “Black Ice,” a pointless instrumental filler track slapped onto the end of the disc. On the other hand, at times certain songs show some considerable promise in terms of composition and arrangement. “Blank Stare,” for example, would actually be a really great song if not for the aforementioned vocal issues. As it is, it’s the strongest and most realized track on the album.

While keeping in mind that this is a self-issued debut, this writer could not recommend this record to anyone. Burger does seem to have a clear idea what he’s working towards and what he wants his music to be like, but he should have archived these recordings as early demos and worked these tracks over considerably before pressing them for release.


Track list:

  1. Lies, Fear, Hypocrisy
  2. Utter Hopelessness
  3. Slit My Wrist
  4. Road to Ruin (Part I)
  5. Blank Stare (Part I)
  6. Road to Ruin (Part II)
  7. Blank Stare (Part II)
  8. Road to Ruin (Part II)
  9. Black Ice


Mitch Burger Website http://www.mitchburger.com
Mitch Burger MySpace http://www.myspace.com/mitchburgermusic
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