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Miss FD - Love Never DiesMiss FD
Category: Gothic / Industrial
Album: Love Never Dies
Stars: 4
Blurb: Superb vocals and dark lyrical sensibility make Love Never Dies a bittersweet addition to the Miss FD library.


As a contrast to her Monsters in the Industry release, Miss FD’s Love Never Dies takes on an entirely more intimate persona. Musically stripped down when compared to the earlier release, this album sanctions a more personal look into the mind and heart of the Florida based musician. The cleaner musical component turns Miss FD’s melancholies into something quite fresh and engaging – no small feat for an album with such disheartening lyrical content. The solo artist takes this seven song collection to expose herself through her sometimes tragic, sometimes acidic outlook toward love and romance.

The first half of this disc Miss FD is essentially buoyant and lively. However, beneath this bubbly atmosphere lies a despairing dialogue that falls opposite of this positive drive. Miss FD’s somewhat restrained gothic undertones crash into the up-tempo electronica and the music carries her voice instead of countering it, the outcome of which is song after song of forlorn yet strangely animated music. Dark electronica meets the dance floor with “Moment of Fade” instantly suggesting the story of someone disillusioned by love. Words as pleading as “how did it all fall down?” are sharply reflected with the counter-lyric “I’ll burn your world to the ground.” Miss FD may have been damaged by love, but she’s more than angry enough to retort this hurt with an audacious tongue-in-cheek attitude. “Losing Ground” continues the lyrically distraught flow with “the anxiety is overwhelming / makes me feel like I can’t breathe.” This level of body-moving disparity continues through until “Temporary Relief,” an aptly titled instrumental track, offers a sinister sounding break in the middle of the album. The tonality of this track delves more so into the darkness and alludes that something more poignantly deep is around the corner. The backend of the album engulfs a much more solemn character and stresses more the hollowed piano musical core and downplayed gothic vocal presence of Miss FD. “Away from Here” and “In Love, Loss, and Neon” are eloquently beautiful tracks that spin into the darkness as Miss FD metaphorically falls into a void and leaves the album to finish on a dramatically sobering note.

The desperation within the lyrics coupled with a sense of loss and anger make Love Never Dies a truly engrossing album for anyone who has ever loved and lost. The mixture of downplayed and up-tempo rhythms engages nicely, and Miss FD’s ability to musically examine her own troubled past is easy enough to get caught up in. Add to this a plethora of well managed beats and nicely produced electronic, this album also makes the music quite palatable for dance floor junkies.

Track list:

  1. Moment of Fade
  2. Losing Ground
  3. Cry for You
  4. Temporary Relief
  5. Away from Here
  6. Negaverse
  7. In Love, Loss, and Neon

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