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Miss FD - Comfort for the DesolateMiss FD
Category: Electro / Goth / Darkwave
Album: Comfort for the Desolate
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Enticing her audience to stop dancing and start listening, Miss FD’s third album demonstrates her strength as a songwriter and produce as the expansiveness of her lyrics and her voice take center stage.


From her beginnings as the hard electro act FrightDoll to her current and more musically varied incarnation, Miss FD has been making quite a name for herself in the gothic electro community. With a visual style as elegant and lush as her music, she has crafted a singularly distinct style that encompasses imagery inspired by the Victorian era, with her mix of gothic, electro/EBM, and darkwave serving as the soundtrack. Her third album, Comfort for the Desolate continues to hone her abilities to entertain while exploring heady and existential concepts.

Her music has always presented a tasteful sense of restraint, rarely if ever exploding into overwhelming histrionics. As such, “Never Felt Better” begins the album with airy layers of discordant synth, shimmering guitar, and piano melodies creating a haunting yet pleasant tapestry of sound, her voice displaying the kind of energy usually reserved for hard dance floor stompers. When the beats do finally kick in on “Wanting is Not Enough,” they serve as a pulse to Miss FD’s intricate vocal harmonies, but remain simple enough to not overtake the core of the song’s lyrical content, the subtle glitches in the synth arpeggios adding to the song’s psychedelic effect. “Lover of Fate” moves in a similar fashion, the chorus darkly catchy while the glassy synths maintain a steady rhythm throughout, but it is on the slower darkwave enchantments of songs like “Dissolve” and “Incompleteness” with their chilling vocal and synth effects that Comfort for the Desolate shines as an exercise in moderation. Entrancing is the monotonic shamanistic approach of “Consciousness of Awe,” the song gradually rising in tension and ambience until an infectious trip-hop beat enters to enhance the song’s energy, while “The Grand Version” ends the album with a beautiful assortment of Victorian-esque piano and strings, the electronics staying just in the background to add to a dreamlike atmosphere as Miss FD’s voice passionately resonates.

Comfort for the Desolate may come off to some as a less energetic effort than her previous outings, especially when compared to the highly rhythmic and danceable Love Never Dies. However, this assessment would discount the poignancy of Miss FD’s songwriting and her sense of composition, taking on a more minimalist mindset to allow the expansiveness of her lyrics to take center stage. As well, her hallmark of merging classical motifs by way of organic piano with edgy electronics remains strong throughout, indicating Miss FD’s enticing her audience to know when to stop dancing and start listening. While Comfort for the Desolate may not be a huge evolutionary step for Miss FD, this album at least is further proof of her strength as a performer and as a producer.
Track list:

  1. Never Felt Better
  2. Wanting is Not Enough
  3. Dissolve
  4. Consciousness of Awe
  5. Lover of Fate
  6. Incompleteness
  7. The Grand Version

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  1. Dido says:

    A very beautiful album. Played here regularly.

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