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MINISTRY - Enjoy the Quiet: Live at Wacken 2012MINISTRY
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Enjoy the Quiet: Live at Wacken 2012
Stars: 4
Blurb: A final, fitting tribute to the godfathers of industrial/metal and the late, great guitarist Mike Scaccia giving one of the great performances of his life.


When Al Jourgensen announced in 2008 that the band’s C.U.LaTour would be the last gasp for MINISTRY, many hoped that he would eventually change his mind and once again take the industrial/metal battering ram on the road again. After a few years and overcoming several health problems, Uncle Al returned in 2012 with Relapse and the first record from his countrycore project Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters, both recorded with the participation of his best friend and longtime collaborator guitarist Mike Scaccia. Two days before Christmas of that year, in the middle of a performance in celebration of his Rigor Mortis band mate Bruce Corbitt’s birthday, Scaccia collapsed onstage and died from a heart attack. While this prompted Jourgensen to once again bring MINISTRY to an end, Scaccia’s legacy would be paid tribute with two final releases from the band – the final MINISTRY album From Beer to Eternity, and Enjoy the Quiet: Live at Wacken 2012, the latter chronicling the band’s performance in August of 2012 at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival.

Released as a special DVD and two-CD package, Enjoy the Quiet is perhaps the best possible farewell that can be paid to the godfathers of industrial/metal and especially to Mike Scaccia, who is clearly giving one of the best performances of his life before a massive festival crowd. From the onset of the opening “Ghouldiggers” with its extended intro of Jourgensen mocking the music business before kicking into a thrashing onslaught of guitars and drums, Scaccia is most definitely in his element as he belts out manic guitar riffs and shredding solos with machinelike precision. The same can be said for newer songs like “Rio Grande Blood,” “Life is Good,” and “Relapse” along with classics like “Thieves” and especially the classic “N.W.O.” But at no point does he come off as an automaton or a human jukebox as the expressions on his face indicate the joy in his soul as he plays these songs with all the vigor of a young man. This is not to downplay the enthusiasm of the rest of the band, with guitarist Sin Quirin, bassist Casey Orr, and drummer Aaron Rossi providing excellent rhythmic accompaniment and shining just as brightly onstage, and while John Bechdel stays primarily in the background on the keyboards, his control of the machine element to the band’s music shows the strength of MINISTRY’s spine. Of course, Al Jourgensen is as dynamic onstage as ever with his skull adorned mic stand and his vicious presence, giving his all along with his band mates.

As a special bonus, the band’s previous performance at Wacken in 2006 is also included, acting as a dual tribute as both Scaccia and the late bassist Paul Raven, who died in 2007. There is a particularly haunting quality to such packages as this, to see great musicians seemingly in their prime delivering such a fantastic live performance, only to realize that those people are no longer with us. Such reverence gives Enjoy the Quiet a spectral and ethereal quality that is only made all the more palpable when considering these words from Mike Scaccia, as he stated in an interview featured in Jourgensen’s recent biography The Lost Gospels, “I want to die on the stage.” While Wacken was not that stage, there is no doubt in watching and listening to these two performances that Scaccia loved every second of it… and so too shall many a MINISTRY fan in Enjoy the Quiet.
Track list:
Disc 1: Enjoy the Quiet – DVD

  1. Wacken 2012
  2. Wacken 2006

Disc 2: Wacken 2012

  1. Ghouldiggers
  2. No W
  3. Rio Grande Blood
  4. LiesLiesLies
  5. 99 Percenters
  6. Life is Good
  7. Waiting
  8. Relapse
  9. N.W.O.
  10. Just One Fix
  11. Thieves

Disc 3: Wacken 2006

  1. Fear is Big Business
  2. Señor Peligro
  3. No W
  4. Rio Grande Blood
  5. The Great Satan
  6. Waiting
  7. LiesLiesLies
  8. Worthless
  9. Wrong
  10. N.W.O.
  11. Just One Fix
  12. Thieves
  13. Khyber Pass
  14. Psalm 69

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