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Mindless Faith - Just DefyMindless Faith
Category: Electro / EBM / Rock
Album: Just Defy
Stars: 4
Blurb: At once contemporary and expansive, the latest album from Mindless Faith is perhaps the band’s most straightforward effort yet.


After nearly five years, the Baltimore/DC area’s premiere electro/rock act, Mindless Faith returns with a new set of songs to pour some proverbial gasoline on the flames of sociopolitical unrest. While such themes may seem cliché in the realm of underground electro and industrial music, the brothers Sevanick bring an edgy and very heartfelt perspective that marks Just Defy as an album very much of its time. Taking their formula to its utmost, combining danceable EBM with ambient electronic and guitar passages, Mindless Faith presents a cohesive and well assembled effort that is as distinguishable as it is familiar.

From the onset with the seething march and infectiously simple opener, “The Thirst,” the listener is plunged into Mindless Faith’s blistering mix wherein trancelike synth passages mix with grinding electric guitars to create a sound that is immersive and downright in-your-face. The next several tracks follow suit, easily drawing the listener to the dance floor with their EBM styling, settling into a steady rhythm that permeates throughout the album. Songs like “Love is a Dirty Word,” “Next to Last,” and “Mutually Assured Destruction” pulsate with stomping beats and scathing synth refrains perfect for any DJ’s set list with distorted guitars providing a grating atmospheric accompaniment. “You Don’t Know” even bears some traces of dubstep with those distinctively wobbly bass lines; however, it is on the songs that deviate from the standard club fare that Mindless Faith’s musical strengths really shine. “Corporatism” races by with breakneck rhythms and growling guitars for a hard-hitting dose of pure industrial rock, while the menacingly slow tempos and ambient mélange of acoustic and electric guitars on “No Saints Allowed” makes for one of Just Defy’s musical high points. All the while, Jason Sevanick’s guttural rasp never wavers from its raging intensity and sincerity, but never losing clarity to bring focus to the acerbic lyrics bellowing themes of addiction, government and economic corruption, and emotional collapse, with Monica Durant providing some welcome ethereality on tracks like “Over the Fence” and “Undone.”

A call to arms against hypocrisy and oppression, Just Defy may not deviate too drastically from their established style but is still perhaps Mindless Faith’s most straightforward and aggressive outings to date. If you want to dance, mosh, or simply (as the title suggests) defy the status quo, this album provides in virtually every regard. Whether it is due to the band’s proximity to the bitter state of affairs or simply a heightened awareness of the extremity of the situation, Jason and Chris Sevanick – along with cohorts Mindcage and Paul Green – have crafted an album that is as contemporary in its production as it is expansive in its themes.
Track list:

  1. The Thirst
  2. Love is a Dirty Word
  3. Next to Last
  4. Over the Fence
  5. Corporatism
  6. No Saints Allowed
  7. Mutually Assured Destruction
  8. Indiscriminate Force
  9. You Don’t Know
  10. Undone
  11. Vultures (Let Us Prey Mix)

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


  1. Damian G. says:

    Pulsates with energy, at once raw, melodic and thoughtful- ‘Just Defy’ is an accomplished album that can be enjoyed for its danceable rhythms and subversive lyrics; at once listened to and absorbed.

  2. marcostraz says:

    Currently one of the albums I’m listening more…

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