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Mindless Faith - Eden to AbyssMindless Faith
Category: Industrial / Electro / Rock
Album: Eden to Abyss
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: This prominent act releases what could quite possibly be its best album yet, with a greater range of musically diverse elements while still adhering to its established electro/rock sound.


Having long been established as one of the Baltimore/DC area’s most eminent and daring acts, Mindless Faith has never failed to give the audience some of the best electro/rock to be found in modern music. Eden to Abyss marks the band’s sixth album, and may be perhaps the band’s most adventurous and accomplished outings to date. Full of the band’s usual themes of sociopolitical unrest, with just enough of a personal and introspective touch for good measure, this album demonstrates a fuller range of musical infusion and exploration; present as ever is the blend of harsh electronics and industrialized dance beats topped off by grating guitars, but with a greater emphasis on rhythmic and vocal diversity, Eden to Abyss finds Mindless Faith taking its production and compositional talents further than ever.

“Devil May Care” sets the tone for the album, a menacing and infectious beat stomping to a stuttering synth progression that is one of the catchiest bass lines the band has yet written. Jason Sevanick’s guttural voice moves with such rhythmic fluidity in this song, prompting any listener to bop his or her head before raising their fists in defiance with the anthemic roars of the chorus. Throughout Eden to Abyss is a greater incorporation of acoustic guitar passages, while Chris Sevanick’s rubbery synths akin to dubstep find their ways into tracks like the dynamic and aggressive instrumental “13th Floor,” its frayed and distorted melodies blending quite harmoniously with emotive ambient passages, and “Shit Show” with its hard-hitting attitude enhanced by the seething vocals of Monica Durant. “Hollow Victory” and “Dead Inside” are sure to please fans of the band’s classic EBM-infused rock sound, the upbeat tempos and walls of overdriven synth and guitar harmonies adding to the gut-wrenching tension perfect to fill any dance floor, with the trip-hop flavor of Kim Dylla’s rapping in the middle of “Hollow Victory” being an unexpectedly marvelous addition. The energy is later offset by the entrancing and cinematic atmosphere of “Deaf to Defeat” as throbs of bass and twinkling guitar melodies play to a moderate beat, echoes of disturbed samples fading into the background to result in a truly beautiful moment. However, where the album really shines is in “Red Halos” as a sample of a swinging ‘40s jazz-esque anthem is blended seamlessly into acerbic shuffle-beat-laden industrial/rock, which along with acidic guitar riffs and a brief but memorable bass solo recalls the classic sounds of KMFDM and Killing Joke.

In many regards, Eden to Abyss is just the kind of album one should expect from Mindless Faith, lyrically following in the footsteps of past outings like Just Defy and Medication for the Misinformed and stalwartly speaking out against political oppression. Where Eden to Abyss truly shines is in its ability to adhere to the EBM/rock style that has defined the band from the start while still exploring other musical territories; varying elements of industrial, trip-hop, jazz, acoustic, and even pop find their ways in, yet Mindless Faith effortlessly creates a distinctive and cohesive concoction that makes Eden to Abyss, in this writer’s opinion, the best album the band has yet released.
Track list:

  1. Devil May Care
  2. Shit Show
  3. Red Halos
  4. Hollow Victory
  5. 13th Floor
  6. Leachate
  7. The Fluffer
  8. Dead Inside
  9. Deaf to Defeat
  10. Minerals

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