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Mimetic - Where We Will Never GoMimetic
Category: Electronica
Album: Where We Will Never Go
Stars: 3
Blurb: Mimetic channels numerous electronic styles from trip-hop to dance on this latest full-length release.


In his latest release, Mimetic’s Jérome Soudan groups an eclectic mix of music into an almost hodgepodge array of sounds on Where We Will Never Go. His first full-length release in three years brings a variety of musical styles together that at times seems more like a mash-up than a cohesive run of songs that is nonetheless enjoyable.

This album captures nostalgic sound through its mellow, familiar mood that reminds one of past dance worthy tunes. “Autre Vision,” the album’s second track takes one back to those after hour clubs with its catchy electronic sound and consistent beat; not to say that this is a bad thing, but it’s nothing that bands like Meat Beat Manifesto or Intermix haven’t already done years earlier. The album does incorporate a multitude of different musical styles to it to make it very eclectic. The track “Where We Will Never Go” takes on an aggressive tone with a slow and steady static beat with deep vocals reminiscent of many an industrial act. It has a different feel than the steady electro concept that runs throughout the album and conveys a different take than other tracks such as “Cyanure” or “One of Us,” which lend more to what this album is striving for. “One of Us” does stand out as one of the best tracks with a mix of harsh trance/electro that has a more updated and current sound that should have been the inspiration.

This release as a whole showcases Mimetic’s unquestionable range and style, but lacks innovation and a fluid consistency. It is more a tribute album to his predecessors that may have influenced Soudan’s early years. The songs do remind us why we thoroughly enjoy this type of music, but we also look to artists to invent or re-reinvent what music can be. It is an interesting listening experience, but its interpretation as to what the final product was to be is up in the air.
Track list:

  1. Synthesize Me
  2. Autre Vision
  3. Scaffolding
  4. So Little Chance
  5. Sparkling Love
  6. Game In Land 2
  7. The Basis of Any Conflict
  8. Where We Will Never Go
  9. Game In Land
  10. One of Us
  11. Cyabure
  12. Sang Numérique
  13. Sparkling Love (Mira Calix RMX)
  14. W.W.W.Never.Go (Mike Vaini RMX)
  15. One of Us (Niveau Zero RMX)

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