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Mikroben Krieg - Final CutMikroben Krieg
Category: Electronica / IDM
Album: Final Cut
Stars: 3
Blurb: Mikroben Krieg’s surprising blend of energy, moodiness, and intelligence blends to create a fascinating collection.


Portugal’s Nelson Brites – a.k.a. Mikroben Krieg – has been honing his craft for more than 15 years, and it’s obvious that he’s still having a blast. With 10 brand new tracks and six remixes, Final Cut is chockfull of electronic goodness. The album description claims that Final Cut is “the soundtrack of a lonely wandering Tuareg mutant through a new world, where a hybrid fusion of traditional tribal nature and purely electronic sounds full of experimentation co-exist, painting the scenery of a science fiction movie in mad max environment of any unknown planet where you hear ethnic whispers as the wind blow.” However, the point of that statement is lost somewhere after the word mutant and honestly, whatever imagery or journey Mikroben Krieg intended to portray is completely unimportant. This is simply good music.

Every track is an interesting mix of high energy and darkness, with glitch beats and moody, low-pitched vocals (in both English and Portuguese). Beginning with the mysterious “Soul Engineering,” the listener is introduced to an industrial/sci-fi future hell illustrated by pounding beats, a chilling piano loop, and ending with the famous Dante quote, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,” in Portuguese. “Sleepwalkers,” both the original and Waste Disposal Machine remix continue with the moodiness and includes an interesting effect that sounds like a jet flying overhead (and should have been repeated a bit more often), but the vocals are monotonous. Fans of Blue Man Group might hear something very familiar in “The Responsive Ear;” although not completely the same, the pounded notes sound suspiciously similar to Blue Man Group’s “Piano Smasher.” Probably the best overall piece on the album is “Jihad,” the original and the Sci-Fi Industries remix. Opening with sparkling tones and a frantic pace, it quickly catches the listener’s attention and then fills your ears with a female voice delivering a touching angel’s monologue from the play Angels in America. This is immediately followed by “Sinus Addicted,” featuring the words of Prior Walter as he argues with the angels in the same play. The most difficult piece to listen to is the Structura remix of “Nightmare Dance.” While the original is seductively layered in menacing sounds and breaks, the remix is so full of glitch-laden static that it’s nearly painful to hear, almost sounding like music from hell filtered through a weak radio signal. It’s really that bad.

With or without a unifying theme, Mikroben Krieg’s Final Cut is a well designed collection of moody, intelligent, and engaging electronic music.

Track list:

  1. Soul Engineering
  2. Sleepwalkers
  3. Scene Memory
  4. The Responsive Ear
  5. Jihad
  6. Sinus Addicted
  7. Inimputável (w/Broto Verbo)
  8. Paradox
  9. Nightmare Dance
  10. Inquietude
  11. Sleepwalkers (Eden Synthetic Corps Remix)
  12. The Responsive Ear (Shhh… Remix)
  13. Jihad (Sci-Fi Industries Remix)
  14. Sleepwalkers (Waste Disposal Machine Remix)
  15. Nightmare Dance (Structura Remix)
  16. Inquietude (Mimetic Remix)

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