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Mika Goedrijk - NakedMika Goedrijk
Category: Electro / IDM
Album: Naked
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: With the pulsating drum & bass undertones, ubiquitous tranquility, and occasional spikes of industrial energy, this is one to satisfy and engage regardless of your preferred electronic method.


“Casting demons isn’t always a fun, pleasant, and relaxing thing to do,” – shares Mika Goedrijk in the introduction to his latest release. Whatever emotional drive defined the shape of Naked, from its dirty textures, through to its techno rhythms, all the way to desolate ambient moods, it is a piece of work marked by the diversity of one artist’s mind; a mind that conjures shadow and light and unleashes them, encoded in a binary whirlpool of genre-bending music.

Beyond the personal character of the experience, there is something immediately retro about Goedrijk’s Naked – a vibe of rhythm driven electronica propelled forward by an impeccable sense of dynamism that lends “Open” its energizing quality. Listen carefully, however, and beyond the roaring synths, a rich soundscape of haunting IDM pleasures will awaken, heralding a complexity that begs for attention and successfully slithers its way around any attempts on classification. The repetitious loops of “Nowhere” and “Turmoil” betray the album’s connection to fast techno breakbeats and unstoppably form the core of the club destined fragments of Naked. The listener is kept in a state of hyper-vigilance with the track list mutating on a whim into fragile arrangements of drum & bass and subtle beeps that lay the emotional foundations of this thoughtful record. The leisure pace of “Desert Snow” allows the mind to wonder but with its echoing distortions preserves the unsettling sense of looming anger. The ascetic tones of “Highways” heighten this notion, restlessly challenging the mood with the unsettling cry of strings. So illustrious and plentiful is the metamorphosis of Goedrijk’s style that despite the residual character of accented bass lines and house tropes, there are several moments of surprising, spontaneous diversity. The grit of the second half of “L’Enfer Blanc” is an absorbing extension of its opening moments and the raving highs scattered throughout “Clockwork” reinvigorate the tempo just before the finish line.

The club friendly undertones of Naked offer a deceptive view of Mika Goedrijk’s newest offering. Just like his work on This Morn’ Omina, his solo release consists of a plethora of native ambient elements elevated by his constant pursuit of other electronic forms. Without ever turning his back on the relaxing, swaying tones, he serves an album that is lit up with power and dynamism, but orbits firmly in its own microcosm of intelligent, considerate electro.
Track list:

  1. Open
  2. Waiting Room
  3. Desert Snow
  4. Nowhere
  5. (Life In) Rerun
  6. Highways
  7. King Rat
  8. L’Enfer Blanc
  9. Turmoil
  10. Rattler
  11. Clockwork
  12. Stonewall

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