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Metroland - Mind the GapMetroland
Category: Industrial
Album: Mind the Gap
Stars: 3
Blurb: A concept album that hit its target but runs the risk of being too much a novelty.


The debut album from this Belgian duo, Metroland, Mind the Gap is purely a concept album aiming to capture the feeling of motion and travel. Clearly channeling Kraftwerk and songs such a “Trans Europe Express” thematically and in sound, Metroland has completely embraced the retro techno/pop style. Unfortunately, in the drive to capture this style, the band seems to have stuck a little too close to inspiration and may not have done enough to expand beyond it.

With the smooth and airy start of “Enjoy the View,” the simple vocals listing off various sights and the pulsing rhythmic synth, the track produces a sensation of motion and extremely vivid imagery. This sensation carries over into the love song to the London Underground, “Mind the Gap,” as well as “Inner City Transport,” which manages to add an air of excitement to the idea of something so mundane. “M-E-T-R-O” is where Metroland first slips up not only with its less than inspired use of “Speak and Spell” vocal synth but also its poorly executed regular vocals that completely fail to mesh with the music. The dreamy futurist feel of “Theme for Metroland” and the tribute to London Underground map designer Harry Beck gets things back on track with few additional bumps in the road, but like a long train trip, the remaining tracks flow together and start to feel like they blend together and lose their defining characteristics, fading into a dreamy but easily forgotten experience.

Mind the Gap unquestionably starts strong and is absolutely a success for Metroland. It is obvious what the act’s intentions were for this album and they were clearly met, but one can’t help but still wish things had been taken a bit further. As a throwback, the theme of Mind the Gap manages to be fun, cute, and invokes some vivid imagery, but it also manages to grow a little bland as the novelty wears off and leaves the listener with the overall impression that the album is much more rehash than resurrection of the techno/pop sound.
Track list:

  1. Enjoy the View
  2. Mind the Gap
  3. Inner City Transport
  4. M-E-T-R-O
  5. Interchange Station
  6. Theme for Metroland
  7. Harry Beck
  8. Traveling
  9. Moscow Main
  10. T.F.L.
  11. The Passenger
  12. It’s More Fun to Commute
  13. Much More Fun

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