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Metal Mother - IonikaMetal Mother
Genre: Darkwave / Indie Rock
Album: Ionika
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: What would happen if Fever Ray was high on valium? Listen to Metal Mother and find out.


Offering an infusion of trip-hop, indie, and tribal, Metal Mother spurs the imagination. The reverberating vocals and tinny chimes are simultaneously sweet and bitter, tossing you into a haunting and beautiful dream world where anything is possible. The downward key progressions often give the feeling as though listening to a funeral dirge; solemn and beautifully sorrowful. The drums are exquisitely programmed and sometimes the vocal processing is so outrageous that one wonders if this is some type of joke, but one needs to think back to acts such as Skinny Puppy to realize the serious artistic value of things so unusual that they seem silly at first; especially since vocal processing has always been on the forefront of the absurdly artistic edge of electronic rock. The down-tempo influence is obvious, but fortunately, the album never quite lingers long enough to grow boring. Instead, it’s constantly evolving sound adventurously tumbles forward through tempo changes and key progressions. Somewhere toward the middle of the album, Tara Tati moves closer to the microphone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear and one can’t help but be mesmerized by her lullabies while the wailing synths pulsate in the ear canals. Even the distortion of the guitars seems so perfectly tuned to the pitches of the song that you can scarcely identify them.

Metal Mother’s record label Post Primal identifies itself as a “collective record label” – it appears to be a collective of Oakland-based artists who independently release their music under a common label. As such, one expects a very low quality of production, but one would be wrong. The album is so well mixed that it could easily have come from a major studio. The sound is lush and bright as well as full and riddled with bass. For anyone looking for something new, Metal Mother is a sound unlike any other with the high quality we’ve come to expect of our musicians, but with the lo-fi composition that has made new music so popular. It’s the best of both worlds and it’s clear as the indie electronic scene grows that Metal Mother will be one of the forerunners of this niche genre.
Track list:

  1. Mind_Off
  2. Windexx’d
  3. Prism
  4. Tactillium
  5. Little Ghost
  6. Omens
  7. Hungers
  8. Doomdome
  9. Enetar
  10. Cardiac Blossom
  11. IONA

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