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Metal Mother - Bonfire DiariesMetal Mother
Category: Gothic
Album: Bonfire Diaries
Stars: 3
Blurb: An album of moody tribal rhythms that nicely weaves together old and new musical styles.


The project of singer/songwriter Tara Tati, Metal Mother is a melancholy, tribally-infused folk act. Similar in songwriting style to artists such as Rasputina, Metal Mother brings a unique style to the table in its weaving of Native American musical styles into this debut album, Bonfire Diaries.

The drumming rhythm, light synthwork, and nicely integrated piano and stringed arrangements of Metal Mother are most pronounced in tracks such as “Shake” and “In the Bones,” but what really makes these tracks are the hypnotic vocals of Tati. “W” has a very familiar hook, feeling heavily inspired by Native American tribal music, but the vocals take this somewhat familiar style and give it a totally unique and lovely retrofitting. However, there are also tracks like “Ashes,” on which, though there’s a strong rhythm, the vocals are far more bland as they go for a more wispy ethereal feeling that feels a bit out of place stylistically. The album ends on a bit of an out-of-place upbeat note with “Billy Cruz,” which, though catchy, comes across as a bit cheesy lyrically, deflating a lot of the more charismatic work earlier in the album and leaves the listeners with a bit of a bad taste in their mouths.

Bonfire Diaries is certainly a unique and creative outing that does a nice job of merging old and new, but it’s also the sort of album that requires a particular mood and at times suffers a bit lyrically and doesn’t always gel style wise. Still, Metal Mother has crafted a charming experience ideal for those looking for a mix of folksy world music and somewhat gothic overtones.

Track list:

  1. Shake
  2. Ashes
  3. In the Bones
  4. Post Weekend
  5. Vices
  6. W
  7. Lost Story
  8. Gold Lasso
  9. Gold Lasso Unfolded
  10. Willow
  11. Billy Cruz

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