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Mesh - Born to Lie (Single)Mesh
Category: Electro / Synthpop
Album: Born to Lie (Single)
Stars: 3
Blurb: A superb song and a decent remix save this single from being a waste.


In a synthpop world bursting with an overabundance of Depeche Mode wannabes and sound-alikes, it’s comforting to know Mesh is still around to show everyone how it’s done. Since Mesh’s inception in 1991, the band has constructed music to dance, sing, and sometimes cry to. This time, Mesh is ready to make listeners rear their teeth and pump their fists to the band’s latest and edgiest creation yet, Born to Lie. If you thought Mesh was too soft at times, this five-track single cures that notion immediately. It’s fast and hard-hitting, and despite the newly found grit on this track, vocalist Mark Hockings sounds as smooth and flawless as ever, not sacrificing beauty for force. The best mix on this single is the club version, which is a DJs best friend. Nearly seven minutes in length, it’s an intense nonstop dance experience that will have the people on the floor sweating and begging for more. Following up is the B-side titled “Blackdog.” Musically, it’s bland; lyrically, it’s odd. It’s definitely not something that belongs on an album, but not terrible enough to dispose of. Of the two remaining remixes, only one gets a passing grade. The Rotersand rework strips away the intensity found on the original version, but doesn’t replace it with anything. The track becomes a shell of the original and for the most part just sounds like random beeping. However, the Blitzmaschine remix gives character and new life to “Born to Lie.” It’s drastically different from the album version and even though it doesn’t strike up the same greatness, this remix gives the song a new personality and will get some heads bobbing. Overall, “Born to Lie” was an excellent choice as a single and if it’s any indication of the next album to come, the synthpop world will be in for another treat from Mesh.
Track list:

  1. Born to Lie
  2. Born to Lie (Club Version)
  3. Blackdog
  4. Born to Lie (Rotersand Rework)
  5. Born to Lie (Blitzmaschine Remix)

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