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Mentallo & The Fixer - Arrange the MoleculeMentallo & The Fixer
Category: Industrial
Album: Arrange the Molecule
Blurb: Mentallo & The Fixer returns with a new album bypassing the group’s prior sounds for something more experimental with complicated programming and an absence of song structure.


It’s been some time since this writer sat down with a Mentallo & The Fixer album and the current direction turned out to be quite surprising. Gone are the songs – in its place, we find a Mentallo doing its best to sound like Skinny Puppy meets Download meets Terrorfakt meets Aphex Twin. While this sounds like a winning combination on paper, what we get in the end is an incredibly one dimensional record that repeats itself over and over again. The only way this writer knew where one song ended and the next began is when the “This is a promotional copy” came on that is on all Alfa Matrix promos.

By the time we get to “Gammera,” we finally hear some interesting samples used in a creative way. The song is accented with screaming, a speak and spell, glass breaking, and lots of zaps, beeps, and 8-bit sounds. At times, some of the vocal samples sound like something off of The Greater Wrong of the Right, continuing the love affair with all things cEvin Key. Gary Dassing takes a minimalist approach with programming that, at times, reminds me of the less metal side of Iggorrr with much less diversity and no metal. With a lack of vocals, Dassing tries to keep things interesting by diversifying the programming, but the lack of different sounds from one song to the other tires this listener’s ears. When we finally get to “Methodical Damage,” there tends to be a reprise in the experimentation; here we find Mentallo doing its best to challenge Numb for the throne of industrial with guitars with layers of rock guitars permeating the mix and finally giving the listener something different.

In the end, this is Mentallo & The Fixer’s “Revolution 9” for the entire album – no changes, no variance, just the same thing over and over and over again for what seems like and extended amount of time.
Track list:

  1. Just What I Had Been Missing
  2. The Moment You Realize…
  3. Fire Flies and the Full Moon Sky
  4. Bad Trip on a Broken Heart
  5. Gammera
  6. Methodical Damage
  7. Miracle in the Medicine Cabinet
  8. The Moment U Realize [Nite Version]
  9. A Lot Like the Truth
  10. Neutrons Firing
  11. Giving In, Life Limb
  12. Treat It Like a Loaded Gun
  13. Bad Friend

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