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Category: Industrial
Album: The Human Parasite
Stars: 2
Blurb: Menshdefekt showcases the skill of taking something from average to awful with just a healthy dose of samples.


The third album for this European duo, Menschdefekt travels the well worked path of many electro/industrial predecessors, but still manages to trip over themselves. The Human Parasite is a painfully typical electro album featuring the usual distorted to oblivion vocals, straightforward dance floor rhythms, and standard synth hooks; however, Menschdefekt has taken an album that would otherwise be average and forgettable and transformed it into a stunning display of downright awful sampling that can be held up as an example to other bands as what not to do when sampling.

Though far from the first to have this issue, one of the first problems with Menschdefekt’s use of sampling is, more often than not, they have decided to use samples as a replacement for starting a song. There is no build or development of mood or emotion to be had, and instead this lazy shortcut is applied to almost every song. Another nasty and prevalent habit showcased throughout the album is the need to bring everything to a screeching halt so the sample can play, acting as if the samples are more important than the music itself, thus absolutely torpedoing any sort of vibe or momentum the track might have been building. The choice of samples also plagues The Human Parasite with frequently non sequitur and ridiculous choices that leave the listener largely going, “Really?” With goofy, inconsistent, or overused samples running rampant, Menschdefekt consistently fails to use this tool to build atmosphere and selects sound bits that are only tangentially relevant to the track.

Though this review largely focuses on sampling, make no mistake that The Human Parasite is an extraordinarily run-of-the-mill and cookie-cutter electro album with very little worth mentioning. The sampling is the propellant that drives The Human Parasite into the ground and makes an otherwise unremarkable album into an annoying mess that constantly shoots itself in the foot. Quite simply, Menschdefekt has crafted the musical equivalent of that guy everyone knows that constantly throws movie and TV quotes into daily conversation in a desperate attempt to seem interesting. No one really likes talking to that guy, and it is very doubtful many will want to listen to this album.
Track list:

  1. Plague (The Human Parasite)
  2. Dedicating Hate
  3. Psycho Bitch
  4. Instincts of Corruption
  5. Schizophrenia
  6. Fragile Existence
  7. Dekadenz
  8. I Am the Way
  9. Mind Control
  10. Piggy
  11. Black Harvest
  12. Trigger
  13. Flawed
  14. The Darkside

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