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Memmaker - How to Remix a Robot Uprising
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: How to Remix a Robot Uprising
Stars: 3
Blurb: Memmaker grants their growing fan base a remix add-on album with some golden moments.


Montreal based Memmaker’s introductory album How to Enlist in a Robot Uprising takes on a new identity through the collection’s second disc How to Remix a Robot Uprising. The additional 10 remakes are now included in the Artoffact re-released two-CD deluxe edition of the band’s debut. Being among the list of “ones-to-watch” in the electronic music community it only seemed logical that many would want to jump aboard the Memmaker bandwagon. The aggressive finesse and in-your-face elegance that they had already developed as their own unique style of rhythmic noise has gained the attention of some key underground electronic artists. Consequently, this remix album has been contrived by a handful of the leading electronic artists on the scene today. Heavyweights such as Rotersand, Xotox, Standek, and Studio-X have each taken a stab at refashioning the music to the beat of their own drum. The creative license on each track resonates clearly of the Memmaker originals but somehow loses the fluid connectivity that the band had worked so hard to create with their full-length, vaguely thematic piece. This shouldn’t matter too much to those who are quite aware that this is simply a remix collection.

How to Remix a Robot Uprising manages to reveal some gems in the guise of more danceable versions of Memmaker’s originals. The industrial component that typically buffers the noise intensity of the music is taken down a peg with some more clearly club-driven variations. This upbeat standard remains throughout the majority of the disc, heightening the tempo and bubbling with a synthesized upbeat quality. The slowly brooding electronic drone that introduces the album on Standek’s take on “Insomnia” brings forth a darkened intensity much like the Memmaker original. A contradictory version of the track by NORAD riddles the atmospheric element with dialogue that turns the song more into a novelty piece than a creatively contrived remix. Surprising is the fact that the instant club hits “Get Your Ass to Mars” and “Death Audio Blow Your Brains” failed to receive one remake on the disc. Not surprising, though, is that two powerhouse reworks appear on the disc based on the understandable album favorite “Death Comes (Sale Traître).”

Memmaker’s debut album was originally released through the now defunct Hive Records, only to be picked up by Artoffact Records for the double disc re-release. Although the content is essentially mirrored, the music contained on the two discs could not be more different. The spark and originality that the Hive release possessed had already been aptly polished enough to make for a landmark debut. How to Remix a Robot Uprising now simply gives fans of Memmaker more music to enjoy at a very early mark in their existence.
Track list:

  1. Insomnia (Remixed by Stendeck)
  2. Death Comes (Remixed by Autodafé)
  3. Prophecy (Remixed by Liar’s Rosebush)
  4. Death Comes (Remixed by Rotersand)
  5. Sneaking Through the Totalitarian Filter (Remixed by Xotox)
  6. Ascent (Remixed by Fractured)
  7. Robot Buzz (Remixed by Cervello Elettronico)
  8. Energon³ (Remixed by Studio-X)
  9. Insomnia (Remixed by NORAD)
  10. Beware of Memmaker (By Famine feat. It-Clings)

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