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Melmac - Le Désert AvanceMelmac
Category: Ambient
Album: Le Désert Avance
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A weighty and oppressive ambient work that succeeds as often as it fails.


The ambient project of two French brothers, Melmac was founded 12 years ago, and their latest work, Le Désert Avance is their first release in four years. This third album in their discography takes the usual ambient formula but puts Melmac’s own unique touches on it, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Starting with “Trahison,” the usual heavy bass drone prevalent in the ambient genre is in full effect. However, Melmac shows a talent for the slow build as the track grows and develops, brilliantly incorporating some haunting guitar work that gives the track a sad and forlorn feeling. Unfortunately, the brilliance turns to annoyance with “Killer” and its grating and overbearing glitch sounds that disrupt the smoother work lurking in the background. The title track takes on a creepy vibe provided largely by its gritty, messy feel and the muffled vocal sample like something from a nightmare. “Accident” acts as another stumbling block coming across more as a formless wall of noise.

Melmac definitely shows some interesting approaches to the sometimes dry genre of ambient music and manages a weighty and expressive album, but the miscues frequently hobble any sort of flow that may be building. Le Désert Avance doesn’t really offer enough to make it a must own, but those seeking something a little different may still find the album worthwhile despite its flaws.
Track list:

  1. Trahison
  2. Killer
  3. Boom
  4. Le Désert Avance
  5. Accident
  6. Soldat

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