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Meat Beat Manifesto - Answers Come in DreamsMeat Beat Manifesto
Category: IDM
Album: Answers Come in Dreams
Stars: 3
Blurb: Meat Beat Manifesto returns with a collection of cerebral audio fascinations that explore the dark reaches of IDM, electronic music, and industrial.


In 2008, Jack Dangers and company – better known in music circles as Meat Beat Manifesto – released an album of thought provoking industrial/electronic pieces that built upon social commentary and political themes of that year’s interesting mood of theoretical change. Fast forward three years, and we now find Dangers becoming a little more introspective, laidback, and not afraid to refine the experimental nature of his musical musings. Answers Come in Dreams is an album that characterizes the Meat Beat Manifesto sound as one that is not so much industrial, dub, trip-hop, ambient, electronic, synthetic, or even experimental. Instead, the album is a tribute to all of those genres, mashing them together in to a freeform adventure in collective sound design.

Upon a first listen, the CD will come across as minimal, subdued, and even ambient in nature. This has mostly to do with the slower tempo of the tracks and the meticulous and almost creepy unfolding of the songs. As the percussive churn of the opening track “Luminol” begins to gain some momentum with its tricky and calculated rhythms, sonic manipulations, and distorted samples, it comes to a rapid end. “Mnemonic” continues the energy but relies more on the percussive layers that unfold and pile deeply upon each other. There is a clear level of experimentation that is at play here, but there is also a questionable concept of direction as well. This aimless meandering among the musical themes will either be an exciting foray of daring thoughts and processes for the listener, or become an annoying sense of instability and uneasiness. The individual mindset of the audience will certainly dictate the acceptance level of Meat Beat Manifesto’s desired implications. “M.Y.C.” takes a long time to evolve, but the futuristic space sounds, expansive feelings of isolation and loneliness, among the extra creepy sounding ambience, reward the listener by providing a quickened bass line and frenetic synthetic dub oriented groove. “Let Me Set” showcases a solid merging of industrial and dub, while “#Zero” hammers away with a hyper pace of computerized blips and bleeps as a hip-hop percussive thump booms in the background. “Quietus” centers the album, establishing the cinematic feel of the disc, offering a spooky ambient soundscape, sleek and whispery vocal samples and a sexually fueled percussive beat. “Token Words” is less of an actual song, as it is more likely an experimental sound collage meant to cleanse the visual palette of the participant on this audio journey. “Waterphone,” the short IDM track “010130,” “Zenta!,” a dubstep creep out that is “Please,” and the epic “Chimie Du Son” all round out the disc.

The collection is disjointed and cerebral, a mental journey in sound collages and audio uneasiness. Dangers and company set out on a music journey that is meant to evoke visual stimulation and create uneasy levels of spatial awareness. The disc is not one that will be easily digested by a listener with a narrow vision of what a traditional song structure should involve. If the intention of Meat Beat Manifesto was to challenge the listener by taking them out of their environment to expose them to an unsettled world of fear driven satisfaction, then their mission has been accomplished.

Track list:

  1. Luminol
  2. Mnemonic
  3. M.Y.C.
  4. Let Me Set
  5. #Zero
  6. Quietus
  7. Token Words
  8. Waterphone
  9. 010130
  10. Zenta!
  11. Please
  12. Chimie Du Son

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