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Mea Vita - FevralMea Vita
Category: Gothic / Darkwave / Electronic
Album: Fevral
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Exotic operatic vocals shine through a host of other issues.


The second release from this Russian female trio, Fevral acts as an overloaded single featuring two original tracks amid a large array of remixes. Employing gothic and darkwave sensibilities coupled with electronic structures and dramatic operatic vocals, Mea Vita proves to be an interesting and exotic addition to the gothic world despite the many issues with this release. Offered as a free download by the new Russion web label, Synth Me, it’s hard to think of reasons not to check it out.

With the two original songs, “Fevral” and “Snezhinki,” Mea Vita definitely shows off its strongest features with lovely Russian vocals that bewitch the listener even without knowledge of what they mean. The original version of “Fevral” with its long somber piano intro and outros and haunting closing guitar accompaniment works despite its overdramatic feel and lack of punch, but the following electro version of the track is actually quite a but more successful, giving the track solid dance floor appeal and generally making it a bit more memorable. “Snezhinki” is the stronger of the original tracks despite its poor, overly muted sound mix that takes a lot of the edge off of the guitar riffs and synth lines. The vocals however are sharp and clear, really soaring over the problems with the instrumental mix and pulling the listener in. Sadly, some of the remixes of “Snezhinki” that follow seem bound and determined to sabotage the rest of the single. The Airu Kara Cold remix and Pulsing remix by Aggressive Remover specifically overly dismantle the track with the latter taking it into the realm of earsplitting experimental noise that only manages to annoy. Not all the remixes are failures of that extreme a level, and some, such as the vaguely dub inspired take on the Aioma Eternal Winter remix, are actually quite inspired; but the large number of consecutive mixes of the exact same song can be a bit hard to stomach.

The biggest problem with Fevral is easily the repetition of the track “Snezhinki” seven consecutive times, even when tweaked in so many different directions. Another version of “Fevral” or a third original song to break the monotony would have worked wonders. As it stands, what Fevral does offer manages to impress and will absolutely pique a lot of curiosity about Mea Vita. It’s difficult from this small sampling of work to tell for certain if Mea Vita is an interesting novelty or an act that absolutely must be paid close attention to; either way, they offer a rich and lovely sound that shines despite the overall weakness of the single and its mixes.
Track list:

  1. Fevral
  2. Fevral (Electro Version)
  3. Snezhinki (Single Edit)
  4. Snezhinki (Ariu Kara Cold Remix)
  5. Snezhinki (Digital Machine Remix)
  6. Snezhinki (Dree My Weird Remix)
  7. Snezhinki (Ainoma Eternal Winter Remix)
  8. Snezhinki (Last Phase Remix)
  9. Snezhinki (Pulsing Remix By Aggressive Remover)

Mea Vita Website http://meavita.ru
Mea Vita MySpace http://www.myspace.com/meavitamoscow
Mea Vita Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MeaVita
Synth Me Records Website http://synth-me.ru
Synth Me Records Facebook http://www.facebook.com/synthme
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