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Matt Hart - Chaos Rising EPMatt Hart
Category: Electro / Industrial / Rock
Album: Chaos Rising EP
Blurb: Matt Hart moves his production and songwriting abilities forward on his third release that wears its influences on its sleeve, but has a hard time finding its own voice.


Industrial DJ Matt Hart has been working on music production for a number of years now, but he didn’t release most of it until this year and he seems to be on a roll. He released his first album, Anthology of Corrosion in January, which is a collection of tracks he had worked on for 10 years previous, following that up with two brand new songs on his Judge & Punish EP, which was released in March. This makes his new EP, Chaos Rising, his third release of 2017 and Hart is improving with each release. He describes the EP as a micro-concept album about chaos rising around us metaphorically and more directly a story about how machines have taken over humans and now the humans must fight back. In his own words, his influences on this EP were bands like Fear Factory, 3TEETH, MINISTRY, and Skinny Puppy, and he does not hide it.

The opening track, “Uprising (Prologue)” is a three minute buildup that serves as an intro to the rest of the EP. “Fall of Humanity” gets right into the influences with an Eastern style vocalization as a background to an electro/industrial style beat with a bit of guitar thrown on top with distorted vocals, all of which seem to be pulling from elements of 3TEETH. The thing that sets it apart, and feels to this writer like it could be the beginning of a signature sound, is the use of a clean vocoder as an echo of the main vocals, having used a similar technique in his past song “Judgement (Requiem).” “Chaos Designed” has more than a passing resemblance to ‘80s era Skinny Puppy right down to the vocals, while “Resolution” uses a danceable EBM style beat and later adds in some high end arpeggiated synths. “Dead in Fields (Epilogue)” closes out the EP with a pitched down, vocoder recitation of John McCrae’s World War I poem “In Flanders Fields” under a bed of low distortion and Vangelis style synths.

While Matt Hart’s production and songwriting continues to improve, he hasn’t moved much past his influences, but he seems to be open about it. “Resolution” may be a good example of where he may go next as he seems to be borrowing from several different sources like Skinny Puppy, Cyanotic, and Front Line Assembly without sounding too much like any one of them. It is a solid effort and this writer will be paying attention to see what he does next.
Track list:

  1. Uprising (Prologue)
  2. Fall of Humanity
  3. Chaos Designed
  4. Resolution
  5. Dead In Fields (Epilogue)

Matt Hart
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