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Massiv in Mesnch - Pop Corn / TanzmusikMassiv in Mesnch
Category: Darkwave
Album: Pop Corn / Tanzmusik
Stars: 3
Blurb: The famous ‘60s anthem is given an industrial upgrade in a typically tongue-in-cheek fashion while celebrating what “dark rave” is all about.


Massiv in Mensch’s patented “dark rave” sound has always had a rather tongue-in-cheek side to it and they’ve never been afraid to have a bit of fun (any band who covers a Baccara track could never be accused of taking itself too seriously), so covering this ‘60s favorite isn’t as surprising as it might at first seem. True, the thudding rhythms that accompany the well known theme were something of a surprise but they do keep things on the industrial side of the fence and don’t detract from the fact it’s sure to cause much merriment whenever they play it live in a similar manner to when Welle:Erdball let their hair down, funnily enough. “Tanzmusik” is decidedly more businesslike but seems to fit in with the overall theme well enough, while the resurrection of the classic anthem “Dark Rave,” here featured in its Dubbed incarnation, just adds to the self-celebratory feel with its pounding rhythms, acidic sequencing, and dynamic overtones; it’s what dark rave is all about!
With only three tracks, this is hardly an essential must-have for fans of the band, but as a bite-sized nugget of electro fun, it might tempt a few newcomers to give the band a go.
Track list:

  1. Pop Corn
  2. Tanzmusik
  3. Dark Rave (Dubbed)

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