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Massiv in Mensch - Niemand Weiss, Was Die Zukunft BringtMassiv in Mensch
Category: Techno / IDM
Album: Niemand Weiss, Was Die Zukunft Bringt
Stars: 3
Blurb: Though looking to the future, Massiv in Mensch seems to just now be catching up to the present.


The sixth album from this German techno/industrial duo, Niemand Weiss, Was Die Zukunft Bringt shows the group’s slow and continued growth, but firm adherence to style. Very much focused on heavy beat dance music, Massiv in Mensch is still steeped in mid-‘90s techno, but has slowly begun to show the influence of newer EBM and futurepop styles as a greater presence of harmony, complex song structures, and vocal tracks make themselves known.

Striking gold just as they did with Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle’s “Supermassive Gravity,” Massiv in Mensch teams with Mind.in.a.Box again in the much mellower, but wonderfully melodic and relaxing “Transformation II.” Apparently seeing the advantage of collaboration, “Ein Teil von Mir,” “Ob Du Auch Kalt Bleibst,” and “Lost in the Thought” each feature guest contributions that really make each of these tracks stand out as individual highlights of the album. Unfortunately, when left to their own devices, Massiv in Mensch proves capable of sabotaging the flow of the album with the woefully childish and simplistic “I Love to Hate,” which quickly becomes unlistenable with its monotonous repetition and completely paint-by-number lyrics and vocals. There are also tracks like “Against All Odds” that, even though not necessarily a highlight, show a more adventurous Massiv in Mensch trying to produce something not destined for the dance floor. Of course, there are also plenty of tracks like “Like a Star” and “Radical/Relevant,” which rest significantly in Massiv in Mensch’s beat loving techno comfort zone.

Niemand Weiss, Was Die Zukunft Bringt means “nobody knows what the future will bring,” but with Massiv in Mensch’s track record, one does not need to be Nostradamus to predict what future albums will sound like. The group is definitely showing signs of growth and exploration of their sound, but still too frequently falls back into its comfort zone and seems to require the input of other artists to push their boundaries. Still, this is easily the band’s most adventurous and rewarding outing to date and well worth checking out, especially for those who have been disappointed by Massiv in Mensch’s previous work.

Track list:

  1. Prolog mit Reiner Schoene
  2. Teig der Vernunft
  3. Transformation II (feat. @VX and Mind.in.a.Box)
  4. I Love to Hate
  5. Mich Besiegst Du Nicht
  6. Against All Odds
  7. Die Kybernauten
  8. Like a Star
  9. Kein Tanz!
  10. Ein Teil von Mir (feat. Tomas Appelhoff)
  11. Ob Du Auch Kalt Bleibst (feat. Nebelgeist)
  12. Lost in the Thought (feat. Finja Battenberg and Mirco Dalos)
  13. Radical/Relevant
  14. Niemand Weiss, Was Die Zukunft Bringt

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