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Mass Hypnotized - Abolish Your Own Illusion EPMass Hypnotized
Category: Digital Hardcore / Noise / Dark Ambient
Album: Abolish Your Own Illusion EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Intriguing tribal and ritualistic moods drown in an all but too familiar mixture of distortion and noise.


The talent behind Mass Hypnotized, Julie Marie Solange self proclaims her passion for the darkest and most elemental of industrial tropes and her biggest achievement on the Abolish Your Own Illusion EP is that some of this love is successfully translated into equally dark and primordial music. Unfortunately, all of the brightest (ironically) moments of her debut EP are forced to combat uninspired and predictable material that sources equally in the most recognizable elements of noise and ambient stylization.

“Rather the Life” opens the EP with a mixture of raw, patience testing sounds, begging shrieks and whispers and menacing drums failing to inspire confidence in Mass Hypnotized’s work despite some ominous and haunting melodies playing out in the background. With a persistence of typical dark ambient method, the following “Red Pill” also uncertainly wanders forward with only musical surprises consisting of abrupt, but not unexpected, explosions of noise.

However, it is the tribal elements, not dissimilar to Sektor304’s recent album, that are the highlight of this EP and in some crafty ways break the monotony of noisy experiments. On “Instinct,” the prevalent presence of dynamic drumming and other acoustic elements like whirling, fuzzy guitars make for an absorbing listen. Solange’s prowess in exploiting her admiration for dark, ritualistic moods through repetitious, hypnotizing drums and sparse but at times evocative use of vocals is noticeable but often falls pray to – typical for ambient – unfocused, shifting soundscapes. Mass Hypnotized is at its peak when it breaks with the meandering, distorted textures of tracks like “Damn You!” and “God” (what a profound title for a rather insubstantial composition) that will only appeal to most eager of the genre connoisseurs who already grew tired of the more prolific and accomplished efforts.

Adding a different flavor to the release is “Technical Violence” that from recognizable sea of distortions and glitches separates a recurring beat and then utilizes it to propel itself forward. The dynamism behind this track and exclusively digital quality of its sound stand in contrast to the material that preceded it and although it’s hardly an exemplary venture into the realm of digital hardcore, at the very least it manages to inject some rhythm into the EP that fazes out indistinctly with an uneventful remix of “The Next Extreme.”

Only the most eager fans of noise might be truly indulged by the content of Abolish Your Own Illusion and the rest will be left wondering why Mass Hypnotized did not pursue the brooding, tribal sounds that at times make the EP so effective. If, one day, Julie Marie Solange decides to explore this fascinating territory again, it should be to better results than she achieved here by diluting it with predictable and unexciting cacophony.
Track list:

  1. Rather the Life
  2. Red Pill
  3. Instinct
  4. WorldwideIII
  5. Damn You!
  6. God
  7. Technical Violence (Remix feat. Mental D-Struction)
  8. The Next Extreme (Remix)

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