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Mari Chrome - Toxic EPMari Chrome
Category: Electro / Synthpop
Album: Toxic EP
Stars: 2
Blurb: A solid track weighed down by the burden of a serious substance deficiency, rendering this EP vapid and difficult to recommend.


Mari Chrome’s debut album offered a solid dose of romantic electro-pop, enhanced by its intellectual affiliations with Lang’s classic Metropolis. The Toxic EP hopes to extend the album’s lifetime and showcase the second, after Here I Am, heavy hitting single. While the track itself is engineered with undeniable flair and precision, the release is bare bone and hardly worth consideration as an additional purchase.

In many ways, “Toxic” is very well suited to fulfill the role of a major hit but if one is to take into account that the second CD of the original Georgy#11811 offered three unique remixes, the value of this EP shrivels rapidly. The original version of the track is a catchy and functional synergy of ‘80s pop sensibilities and modern electro edge – the former being embodied perfectly by Invisible Limit’s vocalist Marion Aseema Küchenmeister. The energetic chorus easily transcends the band’s contemporary industrial roots and plagiarizes the verve of pop standards without compromising the upbeat tempo and obvious club potential. The alternate version attempts to translate this uplifting spirit of the track into even more danceable, DJ friendly EBM hybrid, but falls flat on its face, stumbling over the uninteresting and uneventful mixture of bass and anemic synths; a turn of events that is surprising since the original rendition of “Toxic” is perfectly capable of sweeping large crowds with its dynamic, techno current and is a pleasure to embrace on and outside of the dance floor.

German language versions of both mixes close the brief track list of Toxic and leave the listener with no extenuating circumstances for its lackluster form. “Toxisch” is little more than a cheap shot at a different demographic that, this writer is sure, remains perfectly content with the English lyrics. As a standalone pop entity, Mari Chrome’s second single is worth decidedly more attention than this cunning marketing attempt as a whole, so keep the music in mind but be mindful of shelling out hard earned cash for an empty and subpar release.
Track list:

  1. Toxic
  2. Toxic (Alternate)
  3. Toxisch (Das Spiel)
  4. Toxisch (Alternate)

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