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Category: Goth
Album: Demut
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Mantus present their latest album Demut, a balanced mixture of metal, mourning and melancholy.


Mantus is a gothic rock group hailing from Colonge, Germany. Taking the name of an Etruscan God of the underworld, Martin Schindler initially formed Mantus as a solo effort in 1997. After releasing the debut record Liebe und Tod in 2000, Mantus became a partnership with the inclusion of female vocalist and musician Thalia. Their latest release is the mournful album Demut, which can be roughly translated to “humble” or “low.”

The tenth record in the band’s abundant catalog, Demut commences with a pensive piano introduction followed by a grand cascade of metal guitar riffs and drums in the opening track “Vanitas.” Measured in pace, “Vanitas” quickly demonstrates the cool vocal delivery of both Schindler and Thalia while a steady chant of “Hallelujah” nearly echoes in the background, slowly building an anticipation of something colossal on its way. “Fallen” features a more mainstream approach that wouldn’t feel out of place on an American modern pop rock radio station. Displaying a number of segments of undistorted and clean guitar performance, and soothing synthetic violins, “Fallen” develops a mood entirely its own but also maintains the feeling of something larger than life at work. “Traenen Eines Clowns” begins quite innocuously enough, but once Thalia begins to sing you realize the song has a calculated and hypnotic quality to it that’s absolutely pleasurable.

In spite of these attributes, Demut never quite reaches the mammoth heights it attempts to reach. While each track has its own complement of instrumentation and some variety in ideas, the pace of each song is predominately the same and the frequent piano accompaniment throughout the record is also often lacking in any particular distinction. The drum work is also missing something in the sense that the performance feels to be almost an afterthought. Seldom are the drums ever a dominant element, and usually they fail even to achieve a certain level of equality with the other instruments in the composition. Especially when viewed in light of the harder, heavier, and faster instances on the record, more forceful drumming would clearly have added a much needed dimension to the music.

Ultimately, Demut is a strong record but not a powerful one. While the music on this disc won’t make most people excitable or itch to hit the replay button, Demut does construct a number of wonderful moments, and Schindler’s deep singing is an agreeable complement to Thalia’s vocal tenor.
Track list:

  1. Vanitas
  2. Fallen
  3. Schuld
  4. Gegen Die Velt
  5. Traenen Eines Clowns
  6. Ein Schatten
  7. Abgrund
  8. Azrael
  9. Sturm
  10. Endlos
  11. Krieger Der Nacht
  12. Gespenster

Mantus Website http://www.mantus.de
Mantus MySpace http://www.myspace.com/mantus69
Mantus Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mantus/77905713223
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