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Mankind is Obsolete - Möbius LoopMankind is Obsolete
Category: Post-Punk / Electro / Rock
Album: Möbius Loop
Stars: 4
Blurb: Well worth the wait since the last album, MKiO strips down the slick production for a more straightforward, no-nonsense, electrified rocker.


It has been over seven years since the release of Trapped Inside, although Mankind is Obsolete has hardly been languishing on the wayside with numerous live performances, the Alice side project with members of Collide and Snake River Conspiracy, and 2010’s Manic Recession remix album. With Möbius Loop, Mankind is Obsolete delivers perhaps its rawest and most primitive album release yet, drawing on the band’s strengths as a live unit and scaling back the slicker production values of previous outings.

Throughout Möbius Loop is a sense of immediacy that belies the three years spent making the album; every song possesses a punchy, less polished quality that only adds to the overall intensity. The best example of this is perhaps “Lock and Key,” a speedily paced punk track in which Tash Cox demonstrates just how gritty and guttural her voice can get, at times coming off like a female version of Lemmy Kilmister. Add to that a rather fun breakdown in which the melody takes over before the speed picks back up, along with a nice touch of subtly ambient keys, and the song is probably the hardest hitting in MKiO’s repertoire yet. The same could also be said of “Crosshairs” with its thunderous riffs and Jon Siren’s powerful drumming, Cox going for the gut with lyrics of anti-violent protest for a classic punk rock feel, topped off by a light guitar solo from Scott Landes. Other songs like “In These Waking Hours” and “Garden of Eden” have a much more post-punk/rock element with driving bass lines and shimmering guitars infused with occasional flourishes of pop-like harmonies, the latter song especially driving in a manner that sounds like The Cult-meets-Concrete Blonde. Similarly, “The Desert Train” hits with an aggressive shuffle beat and some dirty blues/rock-esque guitars, with Cox’s voice melodiously complemented by some light pads to give the song an almost Curve-like vibe. “On the Shore” is another notable track that might remind some of The Birthday Massacre with its mix of scathing guitars and sweeping celestial synths, although the sparseness of the verses and the tasteful rocking guitar solos possess that sound that is very identifiably MKiO. Also, “Writing on the Wall” will undoubtedly appease the band’s longtime fans with its driving rhythm and infectious melody, the repetition in the end giving the audience something to wave their hands to.

Möbius Loop is very distinctly a Mankind is Obsolete album, though it does deviate from the path one might expect from past releases. The liner notes state that the album was recorded with longtime associate Christopher Jon (of I, Parasite and Android Lust) in the band’s living room, and given the raw energy and the overall simplicity of the arrangements, it certainly feels like it. This gives a sense of MKiO getting back to the basics, each band member focusing less on a clean production and more on the enjoyment and energy of the group. Möbius Loop may be somewhat anomalous to the style the band has carved out in the past, but is a straightforward and no-nonsense album that could be one of the best things Mankind is Obsolete has done.
Track list:

  1. On Fire Again
  2. Lock and Key
  3. Lucifer’s Song
  4. In These Waking Hours
  5. The Desert Train
  6. Shadow Man
  7. Writing on the Wall
  8. Garden of Eden
  9. On the Shore
  10. Crosshairs
  11. Empty

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