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Mangadrive - MechafetishMangadrive
Category: Electro / Trance
Album: Mechafetish
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A crisp, instantly energizing, and highly danceable slice of techno indulgence that makes for an enjoyable listen on and off the dance floor.


“It’s all for fun,” one might say about Mangadrive’s third studio effort that contextualizes its content around the snippets of a preposterous sci-fi story. The Great Mecha Lion, born from the west’s infatuation with the clichés of the east’s pop culture, wreaks havoc upon the track list of Mechafetish, bringing down all industrial structures in one sweeping motion. What’s left in its wake is the unapologetic, raving madness of pure electro that reinvigorates the body while bypassing the constraints of the mind.

Bee, the enigmatic overlord behind Mangadrive, commences his electronic assault abruptly with opening “I Eat Planets,” every bit as accomplished and well paced as anything that comes in its lieu in the course of the 70 minute long record. The epic composition unleashes an array of entrancing elements, from tribal drums through layers of beats to evocative organ-esque inserts. “Celestial Being” is punctuated by both intense synths and subtle, piercing motifs that elevate its content to the titular heavenly plains and make for a remarkable mélange of instantly danceable rhythms and memorable melody. There might be nothing truly original in his method and yet again, Bee brings together recognizable influences of other electronic fiends, from Prodigy to Juno Reactor, but all of them are filtered through the unstoppable, unapologetic dynamic of EBM. On “King of the Mechajungle,” the tempo escalates so quickly and so substantially that you might feel your body weight being propelled forward at uncanny velocity towards the track’s riveting climax and beyond. With crisp and accomplished production and mastering courtesy of Chris Cozort, there are in fact no obstacles on the Mecha Lion’s path to club domination and the whole album can be appreciated for the purity of its execution. The listener is never truly challenged and all elements of Mechafetish are in place to perpetuate its dynamic with tracks like “Pirah” and “Absolute Terror Field” lacking unique identifiers but confidently sustaining the overriding tone. The only opportunities for stylistic shift come with the aid of Mangadrive’s peers, but even the haunting tones of Iszoloscope’s “Machine Fused from Undead” and Access to Arasaka’s lush “Future Energy Sources” do not halt the album’s trajectory.

Mangadrive never strays from the chosen path and the resulting release could be a victim of monotony if it wasn’t for the numbing, breakneck pace. Mechafetish will turn you into a slave of its escalating beat; a drone attuned to the frequency of undiluted trance rhythms and somewhere in the process will separate your body from your mind. Trust Mangadrive and enjoy this cleansing and entertaining record without ever putting doubt in its deceptively straightforward structure.
Track list:

  1. I Eat Planets
  2. Celestial Being
  3. Banshee (feat. Torrent Vaccine)
  4. King of the Mechajungle
  5. Future Energy Sources (feat. Access to Arasaka)
  6. Epyon
  7. Pirah
  8. Machine Fused from Undead (feat. Izoloscope)
  9. Absolute Terror Field
  10. Newtype
  11. Random Accesses Memories

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