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[Makina] - [Rebuild]-Concrete vs. Twofold[Makina]
Category: Electro / Dubstep
Album: [REBUILD]-Concrete vs. Twofold
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Inviting musicians from around the world to remix tracks and gain exposure, this release may be too diverse and disparate in vision.


The artist known as [Makina], or sometimes [Mkn], has brought together a diverse group of producers and artists in [REBUILD]-Concrete vs.Twofold. The [REBUILD] project is an ongoing endeavor from [Makina], which invites people to submit remixes for inclusion in free releases. The songs chosen for this release were taken from Labaste.

The original version of “Concrete” starts up the album with head bobbing energy and simple melodies. [Makina] crafts his work like a well written story, building the beats layer upon layer until the dramatic, final climax. It is quickly followed by remixes from Drekken, Zala and Adonikam. The Drekken remix is especially enjoyable, adding an edginess and harshness that is not present in the original, creating a darker sound that seems suitable for the soundtrack of the zombie apocalypse.

Next, the song “Twofold” is featured and remixed. The original is a lengthy seven-and-a-half minutes long with extended, repeated drum loops punctuated by abrupt, single note sequences and sampling. Less dramatic than “Concrete,” “Twofold” is more a song to lose yourself in. All of the “Twofold” remixes opted to do shorter versions of the song, which was actually to their advantage as it kept the focus on the core aspects of the music. The INR remix was one of the more adventurous, adding playful embellishments and distortions while slowing the pace slightly. The Skepsis remix was another highlight; upbeat and brisk, it uses the repetitive loops of the original while adding more prominent sampling to create the version best suited for the dance floor.

Fans of [Makina] will no doubt find favorites among these diverse interpretations of “Concrete” and “Twofold.” There are several highlights throughout the album and even the less unique tracks offer interesting musical perspectives. However, many music fans will find the selection too diverse and disparate in vision.
Track list:

  1. Concrete
  2. Concrete (Drekken Remix)
  3. Concrete (Zala Remix)
  4. Concrete vs. Twofold (Adonikam Remix)
  5. Twofold
  6. Twofold (GundaG Remix)
  7. Twofold (Culture of Thieves Remix)
  8. Twofold (INR Remix)
  9. Twofold (Lucidstatic Remix)
  10. Twofold (Jimi Luckum Remix)
  11. Twofold (Ben K. Remix)
  12. Twofold ( Dylan Deeds Remix)
  13. Twofold (Skepsis Remix)
  14. Twofold (VIP Version)

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