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[Makina] - Massive EP[Makina]
Category: EDM / Techno
Album: Massive EP
Rating: 2
Blurb: A gifted producer misses the mark with the Massive EP.


Considering the dance music boom over the past few years, one can’t throw a rock without hitting a Skrillex or a Diplo. Unfortunately, this is the case for [Makina]’s Massive EP. Despite all its bells and whistles and sharp production, the release will inevitably get washed away in an already oversaturated scene. For all the interesting sounds [MKN] can throw at the listener, the one thing he can’t offer through most of the album is a sense of personality. The songs are disjointed and awkward, a mishmash of styles that is the musical equivalent of mixing all the color tablets in an Easter egg kit. To his credit, he does try hard to be more than just a blip and it does show, even if it is somewhat forced. When he wants to, he coasts through a middle ground of upbeat and meaty techno, before musical ADHD kicks in and the listener is left lost.

Towards the end of the EP, he surprises the listener, he gets serious and with good measure. On “Drop That Shit,” he proceeds to do just that – [MKN] drops the trite macho dance music of the first four tracks for something dynamic, well thought out, and expansive. The end result is a sound more in line with God is an Astronaut as opposed to some Deadmau5 clone. Proving that it’s not a fluke, he proceeds to end on a high note with the track “Goodbye (Friends).” For the first time on the EP, he blends acoustic guitar and beautiful chord progressions into the glimmering swarm of electronics – a track that manages to tug at the heartstrings while still remaining energetic and aggressive. [Makina] on these final two tracks proves his potential as a very capable and talented act. Unfortunately, two tracks can’t save a whole EP.
Track list:

  1. Voices in My Head
  2. Massive
  3. Getting Hot
  4. Drop That Shit
  5. Goodbye (Friends)

[Makina] Website http://www.themkn.com
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[Makina] SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/themkn
[Makina] Bandcamp http://themkn.bandcamp.com
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