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[Makina] - [Makinize][Makina]
Category: EBM
Album: [Makinize]
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A slightly discordant but intriguing remix album too full of ideas and influences to truly find its groove and flow from beginning to end.


[Makina] (also known as [MKN]) has been around since 2001 and has released a very diverse catalog over the last 11 years or so. [Makinize] is a six-track remix release, and while it seems as though dubstep has become an easy label to slap on an artist these days, and it has been applied to this release, it’s not a very fitting description. The main problem with this collection of remixes is, however, that there are too many genres going on to ever get a very clear picture of what [Makina] is trying to achieve. House, IDM, glitch, industrial, a bit of jungle, a dash of dubstep, even – gasp! – what sounds suspiciously like happy hardcore all come together in a somewhat discordant release.

Taken individually, all the tracks on [Makinize] are well crafted and very well produced, that seems clear from the start. The first song, the KonceptArts remix of “Ionized” gives a nod to Access to Arasaka or Aphorism if you strip away the beat, but seems an odd choice and out of place as an opening track. The mellow mood would be more appropriate as a closer. The typical broken kickstep that seems to characterize dubstep is lacking on all but the fourth track, “Mechanicalize,” which sounds like one hell of a cool glitch video game soundtrack. The second song, Glue On Smile’s remix of “Devour” has the best cohesion and energy of the six tracks, and “Conflict,” featuring Mangadrive, throws things off a bit with a very obvious jungle influence and a moment of happy hardcore.

In the end, [Makinize] is overwhelming and slightly hard to follow. Remix albums are by default difficult to achieve a distinct sound without being one note and being a cohesive overall sound, but given more time and room to focus on original material, [Makina] could very well shine.
Track list:

  1. Ionized (KonceptArts Remix)
  2. Devour (Glue On Smile Remix)
  3. For We Are Many (Cryogenic Echelon Remix)
  4. Mechanicalize (ft. Tokee)
  5. Conflict (ft. Mangadrive)
  6. According to the Plan (ft. Lucidstatic and ESA)

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