May 2012 23

[Makina] - Lambaste[Makina]
Category: Drum & Bass / House
Album: Lambaste
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An innovative example of house fusion.


In its best moments, Lambaste is true techno fusion. The Indian sitar on “Snake Charmer” mixes well with the heavy tribal beats. The hard fuzzy techno on “Concrete” shifts seamlessly into a soft piano, which then flows into a fast drum overtaking the piano.

Makina’s few missteps, like the sputtering synth on “Sultryx” and the voice samples on “Twofold” and “Distraught,” which break the mood, are forgivable in the overall context of this engaging and innovative collection. The only true disappointment is “Cyber Pony Punch,” which is just a combination of fuzz and vocal samples with none of the nuances heard elsewhere.

Despite the aforementioned samples and a slight overload on certain sound effects like whistles, “Twofold” is a standout with a bright new wave style rhythm layered over fuzzy drums. It doesn’t even feel too long at eight-plus minutes. “Color Shifters” is another highlight, offering a more traditional techno rhythm, with a hollow, spare quality that sets it apart. The light droning synth under fast drums and echoing vocals create a unique and atmospheric sound.

Lambaste ends on a high note with “Teaser,” starting with a sweeping, relaxing piano, and segues easily into a pulsing synth to create an overall bright yet hard sound. [Makina] gives techno new life and could even convert non-fans to the genre.
Track list:

  1. Concrete
  2. AIL
  3. What’s Left of Us
  4. Distraught
  5. Color Shifters
  6. Sultryx
  7. Twofold
  8. Snake Charmer
  9. Rush
  10. Cyber Pony Punch
  11. Teaser

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