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Machinery of Joy - Machinery of JoyMachinery of Joy
Category: Industrial
Album: Machinery of Joy
Stars: 5
Blurb: A short, amazing trip through dark melodic thoughts aided by powerful vocals and instrumentation that haunts as well as lulls.


Machinery of Joy is an industrial four piece band formed in Copenhagen having released a self-titled EP, a short and to the point project that boasts lovely vocal melodies and industrial, electronic elements that make for a fantastic listen. The structures in both the instrumentation and the vocals are dreamlike and haunting, almost walking you down a dark hallway with its sound, creating atmospheres and environments in its wake. Make no mistake; this is a very strong EP whose only downside is its length. Machinery of Joy is only four tracks long but it makes its statements easily in these four tracks.

Machinery Of Joy begins with “Queen of the Night,” a dark track that presents shimmering guitars and a somewhat odd electronic background noise that leads you through the song, sounding almost as if it were a inviting a sexy vampire into your house. The pace picks up with “Comatose Puppet,” an extremely haunting offering, especially due to its chorus of “You wanna die.” The instrumentation creates a dark environment around itself as the drums kick along steadily and the guitar strings sounding gritty and dreamy. Immediately following is “Killing Time,” picking up the pace further and featuring some middle eastern-like strings and a powerful bass line to match the beautiful vocals. Ending Machinery of Joy is the dark, seductive “Lamia.” Soft guitar strings, a deep and haunting bass, and melodic vocals round out this final offering and will definitely leave listeners wanting more. It is a long track clocking in at a little over eight minutes but it is eight minutes that you will be happy you spent.

Machinery of Joy has gotten off to a great start with this debut EP, creating haunting environments, presenting dark, almost gothic sounds, melodic vocals and instrumentation that will sit with listeners long after it concludes. Though they are only four tracks in, Machinery of Joy not only has a great debut project but potential to shine further as time goes on provided that they continue with output like what they have delivered with this Machinery of Joy EP.
Track list:

  1. Queen of the Night
  2. Comatose Puppet
  3. Killing Time
  4. Lamia

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Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)

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