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Machine Rox - Driven
Machine Rox
Category: Industrial
Album: Driven
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Like many newer acts of recent years, Machine Rox creates pleasurable enough music, but is still working to find their own sound and identity.


Driven is the fourth release and the third EP from London electro band Machine Rox. A self-released demo of five songs, Driven is also the first collaboration between band founder Richard K and the band’s new singer Aga, who joined the project in 2010.

Machine Rox was started in 2007 as a solo vehicle for Richard K, a veteran of London industrial acts including Meat Machine and Global Noise Attack. While he primarily used guitar and bass in those projects, he’s taken the opportunity with Machine Rox to pursue a more dance-oriented approach, relying heavily upon software synths and programming. The music on Driven is on the rougher end of the fence, with mixing and mastering that isn’t poor but certainly not the richest. The song “Lose It” is possibly the disc’s most fully realized song, a high energy dance anthem that combines both singers’ talents and exhibits some great programming. On the other end of the fence is the more primitive track “Fallen,” which is probably best analogous to ’80s video game music with its rudimentary beats and instrumentation.

One of the more disappointing aspects of this release is Driven‘s terrible packaging and artwork. The disc is released in a glossy cardboard CD case with an incredibly low-resolution image slapped on the front, amounting to some of the worst Photoshop work this writer has ever come across. To make matters worse, a close-up of this ugly, pixilated thing is slapped on the CD itself as well as the back cover of the sleeve. Those who choose the download version of this band’s music won’t care much about details like this, but a physical presentation this bad is liable to scare off potential buyers who are able to see it up close. It is definitely suggested that anyone who’s interested go with the download – skip the CD version altogether.
Track list:

  1. In My Head
  2. Lose It
  3. Fallen
  4. Made of Rock
  5. What You See

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