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More Machine Than Man - Something Ventured, Nothing GainedMore Machine Than Man
Category: Industrial / Electro / Rock
Album: Something Ventured, Nothing Gained
Stars: 4
Blurb: Two new tracks and a plethora of diverse remixes from some of today’s hottest talents signal to the masses that More Machine Than Man has more than a few tricks up the sleeve.


After returning from a near-decade long silence with 2012’s Dark Matter, the Seattle industrial duo of More Machine Than Man delivers a one-two punch of an EP to remind listeners that the band is not going away. Signing with prominent electro label Nilaihah for the release of Something Ventured, Nothing Gained, Rob and Tasha offer listeners maximum bang for their bucks with not only two new tracks, but a plethora of remixes to make for a varied but cohesive and hard-hitting collection.

“Constructive Criticism” kicks things off with an instantly recognizable guitar riff that could only be MMTM, topped off by an insistent drumbeat that this writer defies any listener not to dance to. Tasha’s vocals skate between sardonic semi-spoken word and virulent melody, making the song one of MMTM’s finest moments. The same can be said of the slower paced “Bliss,” the interplay of vocals from Rob and Tasha with The Clay People’s Dan Neet providing ample accompaniment atop the throbbing synths making for a rather catchy track.

Of the remixes, GoFight’s remix of “Bliss” is especially noteworthy as it enhances the song’s sensual vibe with some moody pianos and a thrusting beat that should immediately get the libido charged up, while the ghostly guitar sustains in Legion Within’s version help to transform the song into a more gothic affair befitting the band’s own material. Razed in Black does well to pick the song’s pace up, with some scratchy guitars thrown into an otherwise pulsating bit of ambient techno that stands out among the other tracks on Something Ventured, Nothing Gained. While “Constructive Criticism” is given more than a few treatments, Steve White’s STEVIL remix goes for a more epic feel with additional layers of guitar harmonies making the song somewhat less straightforward than the original version. On the other hand, I:Scintilla infuses more than a few heavy guitar riffs and alternate progressions to mutate the song into a pummeling heavy metal version that is perhaps more brutal than the so-called Brutal mix that follows. Finally, Microwaved goes for a much more subdued yet glitch-laden approach, the remix taking on a less coherent and more subtract feel. Rounding out the remixes are Ego Likeness’ almost psychedelic version of “Heaven and Hell,” the vocal treatments taking on an especially ominous tone, while Panic Lift stays true to form with a pounding and distorted EBM remix of “Deserve,” both songs from Dark Matter.

While not every remix is necessarily a winner, there are more hits than misses on Something Ventured, Nothing Gained, thus rendering the EP’s sardonic title somewhat dubious at best. If nothing else, this release is a clear sign of More Machine Than Man’s musical prowess, balancing attitude with intelligent songwriting and arrangement that leaves room for exploration. And above all, the band knows how to rock, and Rob and Tasha along with the bevy of guests and remixers certainly do just that!
Track list:

  1. Constructive Criticism
  2. Bliss
  3. Constructive Criticism (STEVIL Remix)
  4. Bliss (Legion Within Remix)
  5. Bliss (GoFight Remix)
  6. Heaven and Hell (Ego Likeness Purgatory Remix)
  7. Bliss (Razed in Black Remix)
  8. Deserve (Panic Lift Remix)
  9. Constructive Criticism (I:Scintilla Remix)
  10. Constructive Criticism (Brutal Mix)
  11. Constructive Criticism (Microwaved Dancing Devil Remix)
  12. Constructive Criticism (Radio Edit)
  13. Constructive Criticism (Brutal Mix-Radio Edit)

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