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Mac Valentine - OS 1.01Mac Valentine
Category: Electronic / Rock
Album: OS 1.01
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: OS 1.01 is a musical hodgepodge of Linkin Park meets independent electronic, with mixed results.


OS 1.01 is the first solo album from musician, producer, and engineer Mac Valentine. Previously, his two decade long career has included projects such as Dij and Sevenrepeat. Writing and performing under his own name for the first time, Valentine presents a far ranging album touching on topics such as life, acceptance, and politics. His new album, OS 1.01 is a patchwork of remixes and new material.

The strongest tracks on OS 1.01 are the guitar driven rock-centric numbers such as “Through the Dirt,” “Human Tank,” and “Spyglass,” where Valentine ably weaves melodies that are well supported by toned down electronic accents. The album has some oddities such as “Be My Man,” a raunchy dance club number that seems as if it would fit nicely snuggled up next to Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater.”

The one immediately obvious weakness of OS 1.01 is the vocals. Simply put, while Valentine has a pleasant enough voice, his range is limited and over the course of the album, often sounds reedy and thin. While perhaps suitable for a ‘90s rock band, he doesn’t seem able to convey the depth of emotion suggested by his lyrics. When he allows the music to take center stage and stays within his vocal range, the results are much more pleasing, such as with “Hurts You Like Hell” and “Secret Lives.”

OS 1.01 feels like an album that hasn’t quite found its grounding. While the rock tracks are solid and enjoyable, other tracks just don’t seem to belong with the rest. Mac Valentine may be better served by focusing his efforts on a more streamlined sound.
Track list:

  1. Seventy4
  2. Arm the Alarm featuring Loco Ninja
  3. Feed the Beast
  4. Addict (Satellite) (Robot Rock Mix)
  5. Human Tank (Harvey Milk Edition – feat. Loco Ninja, Luke Miller, Teresa Spring, Jorge Lopez, and Dustin McCurdy)
  6. Hurts You Like Hell (Ben All Mix)
  7. Let Heaven Rebuke Me
  8. Through the Dirt
  9. Be My Man
  10. Secret Lives
  11. Wax
  12. Human Tank
  13. Addict (Satellite)
  14. Watch Me
  15. Be My Man (Mandroid Mix)
  16. Hurts You Like Hell
  17. Prove Me Wrong
  18. Spyglass

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