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Lugburz - Songs from Forgotten Lands
Category: Ambient
Album: Songs from Forgotten Lands
Stars: 2
Blurb: Music to raid a dark tower to, Songs from Forgotten Lands lacks mass appeal.


Lugburz’s ambient album Songs from Forgotten Lands is pretty much what you’d expect from a collection of music inspired by Lord of the Rings. There are sound effects, creepy chanted vocals, and plenty of epic battle music. However, it is basically useless unless you are planning a raid on the closest evil wizard’s castle or maybe a themed costume party. Perhaps the composer, Sathorys Elenorth, had hoped to get his big break in movie soundtracks.

In all seriousness, this album is completely based on the worlds of Tolkien. In fact, the word Lugburz actually means “black tower” in Black Speech, one of the Middle Earth languages. Opening with “Somewhere in the Middle Earth (Gollum’s Song),” a musical piece featuring slurping and slimy sounds that are meant to represent the repugnant fallen hobbit, it then leads into “The Return to the Dark Ages,” a gloomy windswept landscape inhabited by terrified horse whinnies, chanting, and ominous drumbeats. Then “The Ring Goes to South,” “The Shire,” etc. You get the idea. It’s the story with Elijah Wood and his friend Sam who travel all over with a ring that drives everyone crazy. Do we really need a musical version?

There are many moments of gentle beauty in the Songs of Forgotten Lands. “The Shire” does capture some of the innocence and wonder of a hobbit village. “Morgul’s Night” is very militaristic and menacing with drums leading the charge. “The Riders of Rohan” actually includes sound effects from a horseback battle. “Waters of Nimrodel” is soothing with the sound of flowing water and gentle vocals, but the whispered voice is quite eerie. “Edoras” is the most interesting of the 10 tracks, with violins and angelic vocals, but even this has the overwhelming aura of Middle Earth geekiness. This is simply not an album for anyone who is not into role playing or living in a world populated with Tolkien’s creatures.
Track list:

  1. Somewhere in the Middle Earth (Gollum’s Song)
  2. The Return to the Dark Ages
  3. The Ring Goes to South
  4. The Shire
  5. Morgul’s Night
  6. The Riders of Rohan
  7. Waters of Nimrodel
  8. Towards the Fields of Pelennor
  9. Edoras
  10. Tears for a New Beginning

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