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Lucidstatic - The WreckageLucidstatic
Category: Industrial / IDM / Noise / Experimental
Album: The Wreckage
Stars: 3
Blurb: A downright brutal take on IDM that savagely attacks the eardrums.


This prolific Alaskan act continues its efforts to buck genre in its beastly effort, The Wreckage. Clocking in at over an hour-and-a-half, this 20 track album is a marathon of harsh, glitch heavy IDM that is designed to push speakers and eardrums to their limits, but as it wears on it also manages to test the limits of patience. The Wreckage is an odd experience that manages to both amaze and annoy, but one gets the vague sense this may be intentional.

In small doses, The Wreckage is an invigorating challenge to the more typically smooth and mellow world of IDM, virtually throwing a brick of static and rhythmic noise through the window. The album’s opening tracks, “Breaking Through the Viscera,” “All At Once,” and “Carnivorous” perfectly introduce the distinct Lucidstatic sound with its gritty, dark, and ominous feel. “It Won’t Forget” is also an exceptional treat mixing down-tempo style with the signature Lucidstatic sound producing a match made in whatever foul nether-realm that would spawn such a union. There is plenty of experimentation with other styles and techniques such drum & bass, breakbeat, and sampling that work wonderfully, but there are also a few missteps to be found. “Murder by Memory” is one of the less effective songs of the album due in large part to its relative lack of bass, which leaves it sounding considerably hollow and takes the level of static far beyond the point of being lucid. There is also “Beaten but Not Done” that manages at times to horribly grate on nerves and provoke an involuntary grating of teeth, and “Go to Hell” that is far too monotonous and heavy in the power noise spectrum for its own good. By the time some of these later misses hit, the album begins to wear thin and unfortunately makes some of the strong work at the end of the album much harder to appreciate.

Where a large majority of IDM seems to seek a smooth organic feel from inorganic elements like a well-oiled machine existing in harmony with its environment, Lucidstatic spurns this and instead thrives on the discord of the inorganic, stomping on and destroying its environment, leaving only the sound of rust scraping on rust, decay beating upon filth. In conjured imagery alone, Lucidstatic’s work is unquestionably impressive and absolutely worth paying attention to; just unfortunately, this specific album feels like it would have greatly benefited from a trimmed down and leaner runtime. However, this sprawling inefficiency in itself seems to fit into the Lucidstatic modus operandi and makes the title all the more fitting as these rough, rusty, and ragged pieces of chaos sprawl out over a large temporal area.
Track list:

  1. Breaking Through the Viscera
  2. All At Once
  3. Carnivorous
  4. It Won’t Forget
  5. Legacy
  6. 7 Dreams I Dreamt Last Night
  7. Murder by Memory
  8. The Serpent
  9. Servitude and Gratitude
  10. Non
  11. Pr(e)y
  12. Beaten but Not Done
  13. Talking In My Sleep
  14. Go to Hell
  15. Time Stops for Nothing
  16. Cunt
  17. Beyond the Wall
  18. Expiration Date (Sinsect Mix)
  19. Intercept (SINthetik Messiah Mix)
  20. Expiration Date (Shad0w’s Noize Fetish Mix)

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