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Lucidstatic - Symbiont Underground
Category: Rhythmic Noise / Industrial
Album: Symbiont Underground
Stars: 2
Blurb: Lucidstatic pieces together a mass of their own musical odds-and-ends with the help of a few friends.


Symbiont Underground is a massive collection of music that cores with the band Lucidstatic and branches out with a wealth of collaborators. The expansive mix of artists and subgenre differentials combine together with Lucidstatic in an effort to breathe new life into some of their stockpiled music. A flow of off-kilter breakbeats and intermittent waves of atmospheric downplay push the album along through an auditory disorder that holds barely enough water to make you want to continue wading through the 23-song collective. Considering the content on a collection of this magnitude, not every track is expected to be golden. Talented artists do manage to shine on Symbiont Underground, as is instantly shown with Manufactura as Lucidstatic’s first team-up. The song “Burning Embers” opens the compilation adeptly, easing the listener into a false sense of complacency with an atmospheric intro track that sneers at you while you get lost in its rhythmic flow. This complacency is quickly lost when Nereus takes the helm and barrages us with a nonsensically chaotic pseudo-noise piece, “Noiz3Rush.” Mothboy’s collaboration on “The Awakening” comes out as not only a refreshingly downplayed electronic auditory stroll, but also as a wonderfully clean track that puts it among the top picks on the album. However, no sooner does this electronic highlight take a hold of your ears and mind does it wash away into what might be the oddest and most obscure rhythmic noise tracks on the album. Skullduggery’s “Moments on a Cliff” smacks in abrasively with poorly reproduced, treble-infused rhythmic breakbeats mixed with an electronically distorted mess of a vocal track. A continuum of heavily broken beats completes the first disc featuring the likes of Pig Fat, Receiver, Scalper, and Human Error, all revealing a clear connection to Lucidstatic’s foundation of song-making.

The second disc holds many lulls of anti-melodic repetition. Through a series of breakbeats and abstract rhythmic spikes, most of the music possesses scarcely enough to keep a steady flow of attention. However, a song such as “Boneyard” takes the Lucidstatic edge and transforms it into something more fluid and evenly paced. This amalgam of chaotic beats mixed with a steady, tempoed flow resurfaces yet again on Mono Penguin’s “Headhunter.” Rachel Haywire’s gorgeously abrasive vocal collaborative “Little Human Puppets” provides one final shining moment on the backend of Symbiont Underground, highlighting both artists’ talents quite suitably.

A modest example of what can result from a plethora of artists working together, Symbiont Underground on the whole falls short with a lack of organized symmetry and lowlights of repetition. The rare moments of glory are enough to warrant a listen, but it will undoubtedly be more interesting to hear what Lucidstatic comes up with on their next full-length solo project.
Track list:
Disc One

  1. Burning Embers
  2. Noiz3Rush
  3. Viscera
  4. Dissection
  5. Untitled
  6. The Awakening
  7. Moments at a Cliff
  8. Book of the Dead
  9. Perpetuate
  10. N.E.P.
  11. Desire to Be
  12. Misplaced

Disc Two

  1. Boneyard
  2. Re_volve
  3. Invocation
  4. According to Plan
  5. A New Low
  6. A.L.
  7. Headhunter
  8. Fractured
  9. We Created the Epidemic
  10. Little Human Puppets
  11. Fakt

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