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Lucidstatic - FatalistLucidstatic
Category: Industrial
Album: Fatalist
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Waging war on the artist’s own emotions, this album brings styles together and blows them apart simultaneously.


Alaskan native James Church set out to compose his own hard electronic sound under the name Lucidstatic and combined several electronic genres to arrive at his latest album Fatalist. Mostly instrumental with lyrics in a few places and various sound bytes all over, Fatalist is a tour through the proverbial swamps of an abandoned factory populated with the scariest people and creatures you could imagine, giving it a dark, heavy, and hard sound. Glitch elements lay on top of dark electronics and fuzzy bass rides on industrialized drums, not only creating a good atmosphere but proving some depth as well.

“Chaos” erupts in a stream of breakbeats that sound like glass smashing and machinery tearing into each other with various electronics and some guitar ripping into the background, a high energy offering in general. “Omnicide” has a steady and ominous sway that creeps and stomps throughout the entire song with a bass line that just won’t quit for anything. If you’re looking for a taste of vocals and lyrics, you’ll find them on “You Are My Work In Progress;” harsh and heavy just like their backing instrumentation, matched with a serene but chaotic mix of electronics and pounding bass. The super fast paced drum & bass like “The Drop” features more of the dark growling vocals over glitchy keys and drums seemingly moving at the speed of sound sitting next to ambient pads that give this track a lot of personality. The seductive vocals and bass of “Coiled” lightly slide across your ears throughout as the background electronics build and the track shows an incredibly multilayered composition, one of the most standout productions that Fatalist has to offer. “Part of Me Died Tonight” isn’t necessarily the best offering as the guitars seem to be far too loud and push the sound barrier of the track too far; however, its dark and dreary feeling makes it interesting still. Melancholy and melodic as well as haunting is “The Breaking” as its electronics and pianos gently build to massive drums and strong bass and pads that make way for the emotional but powerful vocals, even switching to hyper speed drums during its breakdown, like an erratic and difficult journal entry.

Lucidstatic displays the ability to not only piece together various electronic genres effectively but to also excel at each one, which gives Fatalist a fresh, intriguing sound all the way through. With a small number of sound hiccups and a very small bit of monotony in some places, Lucidstatic is still a winner and should please fans and newcomers alike.
Track list:

  1. Chaos
  2. Omnicide
  3. Initiation
  4. You Are My Work In Progress
  5. Reverend
  6. The Drop
  7. Sex and Violence
  8. Coiled
  9. Definitive States (Three Klesas Mix)
  10. Part of Me Died Tonight
  11. Welts
  12. The Breaking

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