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Lowlakes - Lowlakes EPLowlakes
Category: Alternative / Indie / Dreampop
Album: Lowlakes EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: Atmospheric and calm melodies lull about this creative piece full of soft drums, light guitars, and high pitched vocals.


Lowlakes was formed in Melbourne in 2009 and since then, the group has been working locally to hone its craft and prepare for a full-length release. However, they attempt to give the audience an appetizer with the Lowlakes EP. Clocking in with four tracks, the Lowlakes EP comes together with ambient, atmospheric melodies, soothing bass lines, light guitars, and high-pitched, pop ready vocals. “Song for Motion” begins the EP with piano keys and light vocal melodies amid light background pads and strings, calmly and steadily building to a more moderate tempo, edging you into the music slightly. The catchy and jazzy “Catch the Breeze” is very methodical and melodic, its infectious bass guitar and soft drums calling to mind an ocean breeze on a warm summer night, hypnotizing, almost haunting as well. More mid-tempo swaying and crooning will be found in the form of “Buffalo,” which kicks off with a steady bass guitar riff that is as catchy as it is groovy, the chorus here also pushes for sing-along quality and most listeners will find themselves humming along. Last of the four tracks, “Arctic House” has the vocals finding a more dominant, baritone style to its melodies as the instrumentation builds throughout the song. By the end of the track, you’ll be surrounded by softly crashing cymbals and drums tapping in the distance. The Lowlakes EP gives a good indicator of where the band will be taking its style with the upcoming full-length release, as well as introducing those unaware of the band’s uniqueness. However, the EP is, like many collections of music, relatively one speed, so if you’re looking for things to pick up here, you may be disappointed. For those looking for a soothing set of songs that’ll have just enough groove to perhaps induce swaying, this is the EP for you and Lowlakes might be a band you want to watch out for in the future.
Track list:

  1. Song for Motion
  2. Catch the Breeze
  3. Buffalo
  4. Arctic House

Lowlakes Website http://www.lowlakes.com
Lowlakes Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Lowlakes
Lowlakes Twitter https://twitter.com/Lowlakes
Kunsthaus Records Bandcamp http://kunsthausrecords.bandcamp.com
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