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Low.Poly.Exception - Nodal Point GangLow.Poly.Exception
Category: IDM / Ambient / Darkwave
Album: Nodal Point Gang
Blurb: In his third release of 2017, Low.Poly.Exception releases s perfectly serviceable cyber noir soundtrack to a late night computer session that could have benefited from a little more production time.


The man behind Philadelphia’s Low.Poly.Exception has had a busy year. Not only has he released two EPs and an album under the name Low.Poly.Exception, he also produces music under the name Neon Shudder, for which he also had three releases in 2017, one of which came with its own book. The idea behind Low.Poly.Exception is that it’s made by an entity that was born on the internet. Nodal Point Gang is described by its author as the soundtrack of a future where a group of people known as the “Nodal Point Gang” risks everything to give people privacy from the government on the internet, and to that end, it works.

The album’s palette of sounds is relatively small, consisting mainly of ‘80s style drums machines and synths, plucky chime like sounds, and a liberal use of delay effects. Some of the tracks like “Disposable Tonto” have a faster, jungle style rhythm and some tracks like “Faded Semiotics” use vocals, synthetic or otherwise, but it all has a simple, clean sound to it, not unlike Incunabula era Autechre. That being said, the album sounds rushed – the melodies are unrefined and seem to meander around, the beats, synths, and effects sound like out of the box defaults. Normally, this writer would take this as a sign that the artist is still honing his or her craft, which still may be the case here, but if one were to listen to the other two EPs that were released before this album, it’s noticeable that they sound like more work went into them. The songs, while using most of the same elements as those on Nodal Point Gang, sound focused and complete.

This writer did listen to the album as intended, as a soundtrack to working with computers, and it was easy to listen to with none of the songs overstaying their welcome. It is when one focuses in on the details that the rough edges begin to show. This artist is clearly talented and has the body of work to prove it, but this album is not his best work.
Track list:

  1. Warehouse Uplink
  2. Nanocarbon Shrine
  3. Faded Semiotics
  4. Disposable Tantō
  5. Logic Cartel
  6. Numinous Courier
  7. Receding Soul-Delay
  8. Construct Fetishism
  9. Monofilament Array

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